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Design Is Key to Exhibition Success

It’s no secret that successful exhibiting is based on capturing an audience’s attention, but this basic sentiment is simply not enough. Every company at every exhibition has the same ambitions, meaning that achieving this aim will almost always boil down to design.

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Exhibition Stand Concepts: Attract and Retain

Did you know that conference attendees typically decide whether or not to approach an exhibition stand in three seconds? That might make the average attendee sound impulsive, but that’s far from the truth. When visiting a conference, everyone knows time and energy are finite. We go to conferences to make contacts and discover new trends […]

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Exhibitions – past their sell-by date, or going strong?

Why are exhibitions still happening? Most organisations are doing their marketing digitally, and spending a great deal of time on arcane subjects like search engine optimisation to make sure that their website isn’t buried on page 27 of a Google search. Why on earth would they want to go to an exhibition, and get seen […]

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