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Using Social Media to Promote Your Exhibition Appearances

Social media is the 21st-century way of reaching out to a wide audience. From a marketing point of view, the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn are an absolute dream. As a business, it is simply essential that you harness the power of social media to promote your products and services. When it comes […]

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The Art of Engaging Visitors at Your Exhibition Stand

As we have touched upon in a previous blog post, attracting visitors to your stand at an exhibition is all about the visuals. A bold, unique look will ensure you draw attention away from your competitors, and you can then look forward to a steady stream of visitors throughout the day. However, once you have […]

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The Benefits of Using Digital Marketing at Exhibitions

There can be little doubt that modern-day society is dominated by social media. Whether in a business environment or a leisure setting, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hold a great deal of power. As technology continues to advance, the mechanisms by which social media channels can be accessed seem to be growing exponentially. […]

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How to Make the Most of Your Exhibition Time

Trade exhibitions present both opportunities and potential stumbling blocks. On the one hand, you have a captive audience in the room, an audience that already possesses an interest in what you have to offer. However, on the flip side, you also have a significant number of competitors around you, all looking to capture the same […]

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Getting our teeth into stand build at the Excel Centre in London

This week, we’re really getting our teeth into stand build at the Excel Centre in London. 3 big jobs for us and we are all smiles. Yes, it’s Dental Showcase time, starting tomorrow for the UK’s biggest and best-attended dental exhibition in the UK. We’ve got clients coming from Dublin – SDI – as well […]

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