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At a guess, you’re booked into a trade exhibition and now you need to arrange the exhibition stand.

You’re very busy. You want to get this stand made and you don’t want to spend too long on it yourself. You’re looking for a supplier who can sort it all out for you.

It’s worth asking yourself one or two questions.

Can you be sure of getting a stand that is designed from the point of view of your visitors? Will it work for them — and, as a result, work for you?

Once the stand is designed, who is going to build it? Are they experienced at doing this kind of thing? Will they be able to foresee all the potential problems that could occur on the day and make sure you avoid delays, panics, last minute rushing around and frantic phone calling?

What about sourcing and booking the other things you might need, such as people to run competitions, organise data collection, that kind of thing?

You could hire another agency to do that. But… what if you could entrust everything to one experienced, reliable company who take care of the whole project: designing it, building it and making it all happen?

Before you do anything else, it’s worth talking to us at EXD. We’ve been doing this for nearly twenty years, on projects in the UK and around the world. Just because we work internationally doesn’t mean we can’t suit your budget: we help a wide range of clients from big multinationals to smaller, owner-managed businesses.

The first thing we need to work out is whether you need a custom built exhibition stand, or whether a shell scheme package might be best for your requirements…

Our Process

Your ideal stand, in three steps:

We get together with you face to face, so we are really able to understand how you are thinking and exactly what you need.

The proposal we send to you reflects everything we have discussed and agreed.

We’ve delivered the stand. You are impressed – and so is everyone else.

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