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How Social Media Trends Translate into Exhibition Stand Design

In many ways, the exhibition stand was the forerunner of a business’s social media presence – creating a physical place for potentially interested visitors to drop in to get to know more about a brand and its products. If we think back to the last generation of stands – at events such as the Ideal Home Exhibition – we can see how the process of evolution has mirrored that of social media. They were the MySpace of stands, but now it takes a lot more to grab our attention. But just how do you bring this social media influence into a physical stand? (more…)

The Rise of the Millennial Exhibition Audience

With 2015 now well under way, one of the trends which may become increasingly relevant in the world of exhibitions is the rise of the group of people known as millennials. Catering to this generation could become a key factor in successful exhibiting as the year continues to progress. However, what is a millennial exactly? Furthermore, do they really have the potential to make that much of a difference to an exhibitor’s success?

Most generation groups have names attached to them as a differentiating tool. There are the baby-boomers, who were born after World War II, and also Generation X, which is mostly made up of people born in the sixties and seventies. The millennial group consists of people who arrived in the world from the early part of the eighties up to the beginning of the 21st century. Those who were born towards the beginning of the period are now beginning to reach the age where they rise through the corporate ranks, making them a highly desirable target market when it comes to exhibitions and other marketing arenas.

A Digital World

When briefing exhibition stand designers about your needs and target audience, it is important to remember the impact that millennials are beginning to have in the business world. Not only are many millennials now at the ideal age to attain important positions on the corporate ladder, but their generation was also the first to have regular access to computer technology.

Millennials’ knowledge of technology is probably far superior to any generation that has come before them, and therefore this is how the majority like to conduct their business. Although most exhibition stand designers will include some sort of technology within the overall design of a stand anyway, it is still probably wise to remember that, as far as most millennials are concerned, you can never have too much.

Catering for All Generations

Digital engagement on your stand is just the first step in securing new business with the millennial generation. Most people from this age group prefer things to happen quickly and don’t like to hang around for too long. If you are using digital engagement to attract people to your stand, make sure you follow up any potential interest quickly and efficiently. This could be in the form of a personal message at the end of a digital presentation thanking people for their interest or an invitation to interact on a more personal level, either face to face or through a Facebook or Twitter page.

While the majority of the millennial generation are not fans of paperwork and prefer to conduct their lives through digital means, this should not mean that hard-copy literature is abandoned altogether. Although the number of millennials within the business world is on the rise, there are still many other generations who remain in important positions. Catering for them all might be tricky but is essential if you want your exhibition presence to be a success.

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