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Securing Exhibition Success; Before and After

According to Marketing Esp, 76 per cent of show attendees have a particular agenda in mind before they’ve arrived, so it’s imperative for your business that you are among their must-see exhibitors. (more…)

Design Is Key to Exhibition Success

It’s no secret that successful exhibiting is based on capturing an audience’s attention, but this basic sentiment is simply not enough. Every company at every exhibition has the same ambitions, meaning that achieving this aim will almost always boil down to design. (more…)

Places and spaces: How to create a positive experience for your exhibition visitors

Many people erroneously assume that all the hard work that goes into producing a successful exhibition is in the signing up and confirming of exhibitors. Although this is clearly a very important part of the process (after all, an exhibition with no exhibitors would be slightly unusual!), the success or failure of an exhibition hinges on more than just who is showcasing their wares. So aside from getting people through the door, what else should exhibition organisers consider to ensure that once in, both delegates and exhibitors have a positive and lucrative experience? (more…)

Exhibitions – past their sell-by date, or going strong?

Why are exhibitions still happening? Most organisations are doing their marketing digitally, and spending a great deal of time on arcane subjects like search engine optimisation to make sure that their website isn’t buried on page 27 of a Google search. Why on earth would they want to go to an exhibition, and get seen by a few thousand people when they could concentrate their efforts online and get seen by many more? (more…)

Choosing the right exhibitions: further thoughts

Sometimes it really can be difficult to decide which exhibitions or marketing events are right for your business – or indeed for a client. You may be looking for the events which will offer the best return on investment but choosing these is far from easy at times. The good news is that considering a few key factors can help you to whittle down the options and ultimately make the right choices. (more…)

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