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Planning for success: 5 trade show essentials

Business exhibitions can offer great exposure, engagement and marketing opportunities for organisations who plan ahead and make the most of them. From the moment that you decide to reserve a stand at an exhibition, however, you must put a plan in place to get the maximum out of your investment. This brief guide will get you started.

1. Get the right spot

Early bird bookings tend to attract the best prices for exhibitors and also the widest choice of pitches. Choose one which will see heavy footfall, is well lit and in an obvious gathering space and which is located away from corners. The right spot will put your stand naturally in the way of the maximum number of visitors. Choose a layout that will allow you to mingle with visitors, include a seating area and any displays that you need to get your message across.

2. Plan your stand

A good exhibition stand design will reflect your brand, make it clear what your business is about and attract visitors… all in just a few seconds. Use a professional exhibition stand designer to ensure that the graphics are produced in the way that the printer needs. Liaise carefully with your printer to determine the best spec for your stand and to ensure that the bleed, crop and colours are all saved out in a way that is appropriate.

3. Consider outsourcing to an exhibition stand contractor

You could also use a specialist agency to produce everything you want for your event – from a stand with the right lighting, dimensions and interactive graphics, through to the correct stand furniture and layout and the marketing literature and giveaways that you may plan to have on the day. Using such a provider will give you access to expertise and may ultimately save you money, as an experienced contractor will know exactly which things work – and which don’t.

4. Staff the stand well

Make sure you have your best sales and development staff ready to attend the exhibition on the day and give them clear roles. Have some on the stand itself and some circulating through the exhibition and attending talks and other opportunities to engage with business representatives and leads. Avoid over-manning your stand, as it can look intimidating.

5. Set objectives

Know exactly why you are attending the exhibition and have clear KPIs and objectives for the event. These may be soft measures such as brand exposure or hard measures such as sales and sign-ups on the day. Communicate expectations accordingly to the team and make it clear what their role will be in achieving these objectives. Give them the necessary training, scripts and support that they will need to carry out their roles, and have a senior manager on hand to deal with any escalated or complex queries.

With time, planning and careful management, your exhibition attendance could result in some valuable wins and could provide a fantastic offline marketing and communications channel for your broader customer engagement activities.

Exhibition stands display the soul of your company

Whether you walk into someone’s home, up to the reception desk of a company, stride into an office, or even when someone walks towards you, consciously or not you make an appraisal and it influences what you expect to follow. (more…)

Top trends in exhibition innovation

Like the businesses it seeks to showcase, exhibition stand design never stands still. Businesses need to make sure that their stands are as up-to-date as their products. Some companies drag the same old, tired-looking stand out year after year, and then wonder why they don’t get much footfall at their trade exhibition. (more…)

Common Exhibition Stand Mistakes to Avoid

An exhibition is a great way to showcase your business, but how you present your brand is critical if you want to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Your exhibition stand is the focal point of your brand, so getting this right is key to your success. Here are some common errors to avoid.

Cutting Corners
It might be tempting to go for the cheapest option when getting an exhibition stand designed, or even attempting to create one in-house, but saving pennies in this respect usually proves a false economy. Your stand needs to have instant impact so that it grabs attention, and cutting corners in the design rarely achieves this objective.

Failure to Research Design Companies
Your exhibition stand design needs to look outstanding, so don’t settle for anything less by not doing adequate research on which exhibition stand designer to choose. Have a good look through their portfolio of recent work to see what sort of options they offer, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good designer will aim to get to the heart of your brand ethos to help create a stand that is unique to your specific purpose and goals from attending an event.

Not Understanding Your Goals or Purpose
Before you liaise with an exhibition stand contractor, it’s important that you understand what it is you want to achieve from your stand and, indeed, from attending the event in the first place. With only limited space to make an instant impression, you need to ensure your stand helps to deliver your specific goals through the right choice of words, colours, images or messages. Only when you know what your goals are can the most effective design be established.

Not Making the Best Use of Space
When exhibition space is at a premium, you need to make effective use of every inch available. A good exhibition designer will be able to look at what space you have got and work to maximise this in an eye-pleasing, balanced and coherent manner. When you don’t maximise your space potential, it could signal a missed opportunity to showcase your brand.

Choosing the Wrong Staff
You may have blown your budget on a swanky exhibition stand, and you know it’s working because it’s pulling the crowds in, but unless you have the right staff on board to cover the stand, visitors may lose interest at this critical point. Make sure your staff are welcoming and friendly and, most importantly, can answer questions confidently and enthusiastically.

Not Doing Any Follow-ups
How will you know if your exhibition stand was a success and you achieved your goals? Unless you do research and follow-ups, you won’t really know the answer. It is important to find out what visitors think of your stand, whether you ask them personally or through a short survey at the event or afterwards on your website or via social media. Analysing the results can help you improve your stand for future events.

Design Is Key to Exhibition Success

It’s no secret that successful exhibiting is based on capturing an audience’s attention, but this basic sentiment is simply not enough. Every company at every exhibition has the same ambitions, meaning that achieving this aim will almost always boil down to design. (more…)

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