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The Essential Elements of Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition stands need to accomplish many things, so knowing where to start can be tough. You need to be sure your stand strongly represents your brand, communicates the right message to existing and new customers, and most of all makes a return on your investment. It’s a huge list of demands, but by concentrating on just a few essential elements, an exhibition stand designer can transform your company’s brand and identity into a real destination for your chosen exhibition. (more…)

Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas to Make You Stand Out

There’s no need to rent a big hall to create an exhibit that will be remembered. In fact, most companies partake in trade shows instead, and these feature much smaller booths.

While this system makes getting seen more affordable, it also means that participants have to have outstanding displays in order to get noticed.

Take a look at these creative trade show booth ideas that can’t help but catch people’s attention.


5 Awesome Trade Show Tips for a Successful Booth

Did you know how important first impressions truly are? They are everything. You want to stand out at a trade show. In this article, we are going to go through five trade show tips on how to shine. We will go over the location, the attractiveness of your booth, if you’re approachable, informed hosts, and finally promotional gifts.

Are you ready to learn how to stand out at a trade show? Then keep reading!

5 Killer Ideas for Trade Show Booth Design

Trade shows can often be difficult spaces for business owners to take advantage of the audience. There are lots of competitors and a lot of different amusements going on at the same time. Although there may be a lot of businesses, there is also a lot of potential customers and clients. (more…)

Four Technologies That Can Revitalise an Exhibition Stand This Season

Businesses are already gearing up for this winter’s shows and events, and many bosses will be thinking about how they can make the most of their exhibition stands and entice customers and clients. If you’re amongst them, take a look at the potential on offer from the following four technologies.

Interactive Screens

Interactive screens, floors and walls can be a great way of engaging visitors, allowing them to learn about your business and products in an interactive way. It can also help your exhibition space to stand out from your competitors and tell prospective clients that you are tech-savvy and ahead of the pack.

Interactive screens can really bring your brand alive in a way that simple signs cannot, allowing visitors to engage with your app and do everything from viewing pictures to taking part in quizzes and live feeds.

QR Codes

These are still hugely under-used in exhibition stand design but can be a great way of providing interactive appeal to your offering. A savvy exhibition stand contractor will understand that these codes can cater for your audience’s requirement for quick access to information and can also be set up in order to drive traffic in the direction of your site.

Another major advantage of these QR codes is their added longevity compared to the likes of printed brochures. Digital information which has been saved on a phone isn’t susceptible to being thrown away or damaged like a paper or card brochure. It also makes it as easy as possible for people to access your information after their have left the event without their having to carry a brochure around all day.

Video Explainers

Animated explainers, info-graphics and product demos can attract customers into your exhibition space rather than leaving them on the outside looking in. Your exhibition stand designer should always aim to make the best use of the space available without leaving visitors feeling excluded.

Video explainers and demos can save space whilst still summing up the key facts about your business and instantly capturing the attention of visitors. They can act as an ice-breaker, leaving prospective clients and customers wanting more and opening the door for further communication.

Augmented Reality

Powerful smartphone technology is increasingly making augmented reality a mainstream attraction in exhibition spaces. It is another impressive way to interact and engage with audiences, offering a rich and memorable user experience. It can be used to deliver key facts about your organisation as well as act as an appealing invitation for customers who might be lingering on the side-lines.

The options are endless but include the likes of augmented reality games which deliver on-site rewards in return for playing. These rewards can come in the form of discount codes, which are a perfect addition in an exhibition environment.

This works to encourage further interaction while enabling visitors to understand and learn about your company when engaging with your stand, your team and your brand.

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