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Marrying Online and Offline Marketing at Your Next Exhibition

It is safe to say that businesses have grasped online marketing, realising the power of the tweet, post, email and website. However, are companies forgetting about those real-life customers on the ground? Hosting exhibition stands at marketing events could be a great way to get back in touch with your community and bring the focus back to the real world and physical products. Here are a few strategic examples of how to reach out to customers with your exhibition stand design.

Parallel Marketing
Firstly, since we have already established that social networking is one of businesses’ most powerful tools, make use of it! Use all of your sites to communicate to your customers ahead of an event and build up momentum for the day. Tell them beforehand where you will be, what time, what will be on offer, and so on. Furthermore, to add a touch of anticipation into the mix, why not set up an exciting competition or giveaway that will encourage customers to tune into your feeds in the lead up to your exhibition, and then have cause to visit your stand on the day.

Another amazing feature of using online marketing tools alongside those being adopted on the ground is that it provides a personal touch. Sometimes clients forget that there are people working behind the scenes of a company, trying hard to satisfy their market audience. Allow them to see the real personalities that make up your workforce by putting friendly (but knowledgable) faces from your marketing teams and beyond on the exhibition stand and in turn allow them to interact with the community in person. You could set up your own makeshift photo booth with props to suit your products and audience and then encourage visitors to take selfies on their own or with the team and upload them on social media with a particular hashtag. That way, you will have a steady stream of marketing both off and online, making the parallel worlds work together to promote your business and products.

Provide a Warm and Welcoming Environment
Though interacting can be fun and you need to target as many people as you can during the short time that you are exhibiting, it is worth remembering that customers don’t like to feel harassed. As such, try to to adopt a ‘cool’ demeanour and let the customers come to you. A great way of doing this is by providing a comfortable area or both for them to sit in and learn more about your products with the use of leaflets, actual products and even screens . This will enable them to mentally process the information and become intrigued to find out more. Once customers have settled and taken a look at what you have to offer them, you will probably find that they will approach you with questions. This is your time to shine and get the props and freebies out!

You can get get some help with creating your home hub by hiring an exhibition stand designer or by consulting an exhibition stand contractor in advance. Whichever way you decide to tackle the design of your exhibition stand, be sure to remember the power of online marketing to effectively get customers through your door.

Choosing the Right Designers for Your Exhibition Stand

There is so much at stake when it comes to exhibition stand design. Getting it right is far from easy, and most companies will need the guidance of an expert to ensure they make the right impact. Even for those who already have an established brand image and some good ideas about what they would like for their exhibition space, there is usually a plethora of additional considerations to bear in mind. (more…)

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