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Why being friendly can be just as effective as any marketing product

It’s really very straightforward when you come to think of it, but many exhibitors forget that the staff on the ground are actually very influential on people passing by. This is why businesses should carefully consider who leads their exhibition stand, and find the right balance between staff with vast knowledge of their product or service and staff who are accustomed to having regular contact with customers. Here is how your staff can make a big difference to customers’ experiences.

How to make your exhibition stand a customer magnet

For a successful presence at a trade show, exhibition stand design is of vital importance. It can be a challenge to create a stand that embodies your products, impresses clients and attracts new business, but with some focus this can definitely be achieved, to make the most of taking part in the trade event. (more…)

Exhibition fatigue – is your stand causing it?

There are few more tiring business activities than attending exhibitions. From the moment you step into the hall, you’re bombarded by noise and crowds. Some stands are mobbed, and you need to wait if you want to talk to someone. Others have a visitor shortage, and you slink by, hoping the salesperson doesn’t catch your eye. The overwhelming impression for visitors is the visual noise – screaming logos, shouty colours, large letters, big statements – everything overblown and overstated to grab your attention. (more…)

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