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How to make your exhibition stand a customer magnet

For a successful presence at a trade show, exhibition stand design is of vital importance. It can be a challenge to create a stand that embodies your products, impresses clients and attracts new business, but with some focus this can definitely be achieved, to make the most of taking part in the trade event. (more…)

Getting the Most from Your Exhibition Stand Design

There is much more to exhibitions than simply being in the room. If you want to get the most from your stand, the right layout and location can make a huge difference to the success or failure of your company. Check out the tips below for getting it right. (more…)

Simple Strategies for a Successful Exhibition Stand

When your company or organisation invests in exhibition space, you’ll be doing so aiming to put your activities, products or services right between the eyes of those who are attending, hoping to win customers, make new contacts and raise awareness of all that you do. (more…)

Choosing the right exhibitions: further thoughts

Sometimes it really can be difficult to decide which exhibitions or marketing events are right for your business – or indeed for a client. You may be looking for the events which will offer the best return on investment but choosing these is far from easy at times. The good news is that considering a few key factors can help you to whittle down the options and ultimately make the right choices. (more…)

Planning an Exhibition

Exhibitions and trade fairs are a great way to promote your business and get to know other companies working within the industry – competitors as well as partners. (more…)

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