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How to use technology in your next trade show stand

It’s easy to see technology as a necessary element to exhibition stands these days, but you don’t need to overthink it to get it right. You can certainly make a statement using technology, or perhaps employ more subtle ways in which you can make it work for you.

After all, anyone can use a gimmick to attract people to a stand, but it needs to make sense with the design and brand. Hosting a competition to ‘win an iPad’ will come to nothing if they don’t have an interest in your product or service. But what if you could find something that would draw in the right people, with the right message, at the right time?

It’s about getting them engaged in your brand. So let’s talk technology.


We’re obsessed with them. Think ‘technology’ and you’ll likely picture a smart phone in your mind’s eye. Like it or not, screens are a huge part of everyday life. So when it comes to your trade show stand, it works well to incorporate something that everyone can identify with.

Transparent screens are being used more and more, allowing a large display of information in a way that doesn’t divide your space quite so much. LCD and OLED are the more popular options, offering high quality imagery and clarity. It may not be the only reason someone will come to your stand, but get your visuals right (and we’d be able to help you with that too) and you’ll certainly be on your way to capturing your visitors’ imaginations.

Take it a step further and make your screens interactive, and you have an opportunity to capture data (responsibly, we might add) that can be used in the sales process and invaluable when planning for your next show.

You don’t have to be flashy

Ever walked into a shop and felt at home? Retailers will sometimes opt to use a scent throughout the shop that helps them create an emotive response from their customers, and increase the likelihood that they will buy something.

Scent technology in exhibition stands

According to research, 50% of us will remember something we saw three months earlier, whilst 65% will remember something from a scent for up to 12 months. Use a scent-delivery system to recreate this response on a trade show stand and you’ll capture the imaginations of your more attentive visitors. And if you can make it relevant – for example the subtle smell of freshly cut grass for landscaping services – event better.

Create an experience

Whether or not it’s tangible, visitors to your stand will need to understand what’s on offer for them to come back wanting more. And what better way to do that than offering the next best thing: virtual reality.

Recreating a ‘real’ experience by way of digital simulation is the fastest growing trend. The use of special electronic equipment such as a headset or gloves with in-built sensors is one way that this technology can be experienced in a trade show environment and beyond. You’ll need to make sure that your visitors are safe, it’s important to carry out due diligence to gain their prior consent whether you’re opting for Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift. But once you have their interest, you’ll be able to demonstrate your offering in ‘real’ life.

There’s always the appealing rollercoaster simulation or latest AAA game out, but then if you can offer a virtual experience of your showroom, past-projects, interactive demo, you’ll be able to harness the emotional investment of your customers in a way that is memorable.

Virtual reality and exhibition stands

Psychologist and Nobel Prizewinner Daniel Kahneman states that there is a difference between the ‘experiencing self’ (your trade show visitor) and the ‘remembering self’ (the memory of that visitor’s experience) and the two can be very different as the latter relies on emotional influences. The aim of course being to make that memory as positive as possible, in order to positively influence their future decision to buy.

At the end of the day…

Making sure your exhibition team are on-message, and having a stellar follow up plan will remain the foundation for your exhibition, but it’s also important to keep up with the trends and hit that all important customer expectation, so that you can attract, engage and delight your visitors. Aspects like the technology discussed in this article are great for enhancing shell schemes as well as custom stands too. How you make it all work for you and your brand will be what sets you apart from the crowd.

It might take a little imagination, but it will be worth it to see those sales rolling in. If you’d like to discuss using technology at your next exhibition, don’t hesitate to speak to our team on 024 7636 8474.

We’ll get you seen.


Make Your Exhibition Stand Out: But Not as a Sore Thumb

We’ve all been there; the packed exhibition hall and the sea of heads and in front, to the side and all around us the exhibition stands. It can be somewhat overwhelming. Or underwhelming.

From a business perspective, the question is: how do we make our stand eye catching? But it’s important to remember, this isn’t a fairground, visitors are not here to win a stuffed toy. Most visitors to exhibitions have a goal, be it business or personal. As they scan the stands, they are looking for hints that a stand can help them reach that goal. So the aim of your stand is not to simply be ‘eye-catching’, but communicative too.

Know Your Target Audience

The first element of any good stand requires you to identify your specific target audience. In a specialised exhibition, you may think every passer-by falls into this category, but this is a sign that you need to delve deeper.

For example, your primary marketing goal at this exhibition could be to attract visitors who have never heard of your company or products before or it could be to add physical authority to an up-coming product launch.

Use the Space Well

Just like a stage performer, your stand needs to use all the space it is allocated to make its presence known. This is a common mistake made by many companies who don’t hire exhibition stand designers. They think a stand should end early to allow visitors space in which to approach. However, as your exhibition stand contractor knows, visitors need to be drawn into the exhibition to encourage them to linger.

The Writing Is On The Wall

The average visitor looks at a stand for 3 seconds before deciding whether or not to visit it. Bear this is mind when writing the text for your exhibition stand design. The first time a visitor will read it, will be once they are already inside.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

In exhibition stand design, this is highly relevant. Images convey ideas and generate interest quickly. Once a visitor is within your stand, make sure that there are plenty of images for them to examine, to keep them interested until a host is available.

Lighting The Way

Lighting attracts, and can provide a way-finding route towards your stand. Lighting can create feelings of trust and anticipation.

Get the Material Right

Depending on your industry, the material used to construct your stand is highly relevant. A medical devices company can’t lay out their leaflets on a wooden table. Likewise an eco-initiative should probably avoid reams of moulded plastic.

We know, it’s a lot to take in. Exhibitions are big business and creating the right exhibition environment for your pitch is a serious undertaking which requires the expertise of several different professionals.

From designers, to project managers, to construction teams and their contractors, it’s a team effort from beginning to end. But get the right team and you’ll get the right stand.

Custom-Built or Shell Scheme? Which Is the Right Exhibition Stand for You?

When planning for an exhibition, there are many different aspects to be taken into consideration. From arranging pre-event publicity and deciding on an overall marketing strategy for the day itself to the selection of appropriate staff to man your stand, all the details need to be ironed out to perfection. Of course, there is one exhibit tool that absolutely no one can do without, and that is the exhibition stand itself. With no stand, there is no show.

With such a plethora of designs available, it can be quite a tricky process to decide on exactly the right exhibition stand to best represent your company and tell the story of your brand. Choosing the right exhibition stand contractor is the first step on the road to success, as they will be able to advise you on what type of stand will work best for your individual requirements.

There are two main types of stand in use today: custom-built stands and shell scheme packages. Your exhibition stand contractor will discuss your plans with you to establish a number of factors which will determine the type of stand you ultimately decide upon. The size of the budget at your disposal is one of the most crucial elements, but there are many other things to consider too, such as the size you require and whether the stand will be used on multiple occasions or just on a single occasion.

Custom-Built Stands

For bigger organisations with more substantial budgets at their disposal, custom-built stands are ideal for making a major impact at a trade show, particularly if the exhibition space is on the large side. As their name would suggest, custom-built stands can be designed to exact requirements, with virtually limitless possibilities in terms of shape, colour and furnishings.

Well-designed custom-built stands have the capability of creating that all-important wow factor, especially if they have been built around the story of the exhibitor’s individual brand.

Dental Directory (Dental Showcase)

Custom-Built Exhibition Stand for Dental Directory at the Dental Showcase

Shell Scheme Packages

This type of stand is accessible to a wider range of exhibitors due to the lower costs involved. A shell scheme package is also the option to go for if exhibition space is limited and your allocated plot is between two other stands.

Although there is perhaps a little less scope for variety of design with a shell scheme, a skilled exhibition stand contractor can still ensure that you and your company make a positive impact. With scope to incorporate lighting schemes, digital technology and tailored furnishings, shell scheme stands are an affordable alternative to their custom-built counterparts. They are also ideal for re-use at multiple events.

Protexin (WSAVA, Cape Town)

Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand for Protexin (WSAVA, Cape Town)

Whichever stand you decide upon, custom-built or shell scheme, it is important to remember the message you want to get across to your audience. Even the most stunning exhibition stand will ultimately count for nothing if the design is at loggerheads with your brand. Stay true to your image and your chances of success will be much greater.

Getting our teeth into stand build at the Excel Centre in London

This week, we’re really getting our teeth into stand build at the Excel Centre in London. 3 big jobs for us and we are all smiles. Yes, it’s Dental Showcase time, starting tomorrow for the UK’s biggest and best-attended dental exhibition in the UK. We’ve got clients coming from Dublin – SDI – as well as Essex-based Dental Directory and London-based Dentists’ Provident. We are beaming!

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