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The Essential Elements of Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition stands need to accomplish many things, so knowing where to start can be tough. You need to be sure your stand strongly represents your brand, communicates the right message to existing and new customers, and most of all makes a return on your investment. It’s a huge list of demands, but by concentrating on just a few essential elements, an exhibition stand designer can transform your company’s brand and identity into a real destination for your chosen exhibition.

This is something we’re very experienced in at EXD Ltd, so we’ve created this article to help guide you through the process. By focusing on well-tested and constantly evolving design and technology elements, our designers are able to create the most persuasive exhibition stands. These are our top tips.

Make the most of your space
While the location of your stand is important, the space within is even more so. Gone are the days of putting up three walls and a few standing tables. Our experts agree that your space needs to move visitors through a range of experiences, by using an intuitive path of discovery. It should feel spacious and welcoming, but not exposed. Often the design process is not only about filling the space, but knowing what space should remain.

Essential Elements of Stand Design

Guide visitors through clever use of space

For the above design, we created different areas to guide the delegates through the space, to make sure they absorbed the brand throughout their visit. This also allowed for the exhibition team to create room for conversation during the event.

Budget versus design
The type of stand you choose will be highly reliant on your exhibition budget. This is often something you can’t control, however as a rule, more established brands will usually demand more complex and bespoke designs, which come at a higher cost.

On the other hand, a good exhibition stand designer will have a wealth of past event experience to pull on to help you get the very best out of your exhibition space, and make even the smallest of investments in design worthwhile. If your stand is to be built on a budget and not be a bespoke solution, it can still be highly attractive and effective.

Create atmosphere with lighting
One of the simplest and most effective ways to draw attention to your stand is through good lighting. It’s also one of the easiest aspects of design to get wrong as it relies so heavily on the surrounding environment and is difficult to test ahead of the event. Having a designer who understands how lighting works in connection to your stand, brand and chosen exhibition venue, is vital. Good lighting can create interest as well as a feeling of comfort and warmth, which is exactly how you’ll generate business during the event.

Essential Elements of Stand Design

Use lighting to draw attention

In our above example, the lighting is far from the focal point of the stand; but it does exactly what is required by highlighting the brand and product range.

Incorporate digital technology
No matter how you feel about building smart technology into your stand, research has shown that when visitors to an exhibition or stand interact with technology during their visit they find it more memorable. This is a powerful marketing tool to help your brand remain in the minds of your future customers.

Your exhibition stand design should offer visitors opportunities to use technology to learn more about your product or service, as well as to connect instantly with you via their handheld devices. Used correctly, and you’ll turn visitors into prospects that you can communicate with after the event.

Get your message across
An intuitive exhibition message can be powerful and memorable. While your designer will be an expert in translating your message into the physical stand, creating the message can be a hurdle itself for many companies. A good designer can help you avoid the pitfalls of an overbearing or ineffective message, and help you visualise how it could work on the stand design itself. You may decide that your brand is your strongest message, in which case make sure you don’t confuse the design by incorporating too many other elements.

Use graphics wisely
Strong graphics are a measure of brand recognition at exhibition stands. Graphics need to be in keeping with the brand, as well as each other in order to get your visitors to remember your stand from the hundreds of others they’ll pass. This double demand means that many amateurs tend to play it safe, leading to a generic and uninspiring graphic display. It’s important not to get lost among the other stands all doing the same.

Essential Elements of Stand Design

Incorporate graphics to help visitors remember your brand

Text and typography
Successful stands often communicate their message with as few words as possible. Exhibition visitors can get overwhelmed with the information on offer, so keeping your stand text simple but eye-catching can make it very appealing. Keep this very simple tactic in mind during your exhibition planning and you’ll be on the right track to creating an effective stand.

The essential design elements for an exhibition stand require all of the above and above all, attention to detail. The design process might appear effortless when it comes to exhibition day, but the preparation that you and your chosen contractor put into your stand design will make all the difference. Come exhibition day you’ll be glad you planned ahead!

If you need advice and support to get your next custom exhibition stand design and build under way, you can find more information on our custom stand design page. Alternatively, feel free to speak to our expert team on 024 7636 8474.


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