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5 Awesome Trade Show Tips for a Successful Booth

Did you know how important first impressions truly are? They are everything. You want to stand out at a trade show. In this article, we are going to go through five trade show tips on how to shine. We will go over the location, the attractiveness of your booth, if you’re approachable, informed hosts, and finally promotional gifts.

Are you ready to learn how to stand out at a trade show? Then keep reading!

Here are five things to consider when heading to a trade show.

Location of Your Exhibition Stand
Location is an important factor to consider. You want to be in a place that promises a lot of traffic. Trade shows often provide prime locations for booths at an extra cost.

If you can pay extra, why not consider this? Prime locations tend to sell out quick so make sure you investigate the availability months in advance.

Attractive Booths
If you have a booth that is colourful and designed expertly, you will attract more customers naturally. People process visual information faster than text.

Some customers may walk past a bland booth. They won’t if it’s eye-catching.

Is Your Booth Approachable?
Not only do you want an appealing booth that is visually pleasing, but you also want the attendants present at your box to be friendly and smiling.

People will feel more comfortable approaching if your assistants are welcoming.

Consider also having various display options that will appeal to multiple people. Reading materials, pamphlets, and flyers interest different types of people.

Booth Hosts
If you are unable to make it that day to the trade show, make sure you have a host that is trained to answer simple questions that buyers may have. You want to be able to direct buyers to the right staff member.

Another thing to consider is having an entertainer like a magician or singer that goes along with the theme of the trade show. This increases interest.

Promotional Products
Promotional products are a must at a trade show! You must pick a product that is pertinent to your brand while also being valuable to the customer. That way these products will be kept for long periods of time, and the customer won’t just dispose of it after the trade show.

Here are some favourite products that you can consider:

  • Pens: This is always a good product to bring. You might think this is boring, but in fact, everyone needs a pen handy to sign a bill or letter. Pens may even be passed onto someone else.
  • Bags: People love bags. They always need something to carry things in, especially at a trade show! Why not choose a reusable bag because of their environmental friendliness?
  • Electronic Gadgets: USB drives are one of the most popular items that people love. This is something to think about when planning for your upcoming trade show.
  • Mugs & Cups: These are the more popular items. Cups and mugs find a place at the recipient’s home and last for a long time. Something to think about is potentially providing travel mugs.

We Can Help
So we discussed the importance of location, the attractiveness of your booth, having a friendly and knowledgeable host, and finally, having promotional giveaways.

Don’t go to your next trade show unprepared! You are sure to garner a crowd if you follow these trade show tips.

Do you need help building your booth? We can help you with that!


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