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5 Killer Ideas for Trade Show Booth Design

Trade shows can often be difficult spaces for business owners to take advantage of the audience. There are lots of competitors and a lot of different amusements going on at the same time. Although there may be a lot of businesses, there is also a lot of potential customers and clients.

The one way that you can be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to get your business tons of attention is by incorporating unique elements to catch plenty of eyes.

So what exactly can you add to turn your company into a showstopper? Check out these five killer ideas to make sure your trade show booth design is a success.

Spruce Up the Lighting
Choosing the right lighting for your trade show booth could be the difference between people turning heads and walking straight ahead. Lighting is one of those features that gets someone’s attention before they even walk over to a booth.

Use different types of lighting as an opportunity to spark some curiosity in crowd-goers. Remember to coordinate the lighting with your company’s theme – especially if you’re using coloured lights.

Include Captivating Visuals
In a world run by social media, a picture is worth a thousand likes. And you could get a lot of people liking your trade show booth design by incorporating visuals that are lively, intriguing and relevant.

Speaking of relevant, take this opportunity to use digital graphics that may correspond with social media trends that people will easily recognise and relate to. Keep it classy though.

Use Tall Stands
The best way to get your trade show booth noticed is to be visible. More than likely people are looking below eye level from across the room so you won’t benefit much from having signs and banners that are placed too low. Make use of tall stands that can be seen from across a room.

Put your best visuals and copy on display to make a good first impression.

Make Your Message Clear
If you have a very special and specific product or service, make sure people can understand that right away. Visitors shouldn’t have to search around to figure out what you’re offering. Your trade show booth design should translate that very well. You especially have to make sure your copy is written well.

Consider hiring a professional if you need a great slogan or tagline to reel in the leads.

Create an Experience
One of the most beneficial parts about in-person interaction is being able to make a lasting impression by providing an amazing experience for the person. Use your trade show booth design as an opportunity to bring potential customers into the world of your company.

You can show them behind the scenes, give demonstrations or use tangible props to make them part of the experience. They will remember your name much better if you present a great live feature along with that business card.

Upgrade Your Trade Show Booth Design
Making a few adjustments to your exhibition stand design with any of these tips provided could produce a great turnout for your business. Don’t be afraid to be edgy, daring and different. Also be sure to infuse your company’s personality in the display in tasteful ways.

Take full advantage of this opportunity to introduce your business as the golden solution to your potential customers’ problems. Let us know what methods you use to stand out during trade shows.


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