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How Social Media Trends Translate into Exhibition Stand Design

In many ways, the exhibition stand was the forerunner of a business’s social media presence – creating a physical place for potentially interested visitors to drop in to get to know more about a brand and its products. If we think back to the last generation of stands – at events such as the Ideal Home Exhibition – we can see how the process of evolution has mirrored that of social media. They were the MySpace of stands, but now it takes a lot more to grab our attention. But just how do you bring this social media influence into a physical stand?

1. Stay on Brand
In social media and in exhibitions, staying on brand is more about a feeling than an appearance. It doesn’t mean using the same colour palette, but rather always creating a similar atmosphere both online and offline. Stand visitors like to walk into a space confident that they’ll recognise what is expected of them. By creating and staying on brand here too, visitors will feel comfortable stepping inside somewhere familiar.

2. Provide a Free Service
When you visit a webpage which wants to interact with you, you are often offered a free book for your details. Exhibition stands have been offering the same incentives for years with free knick-knacks. And while these have become old-fashioned, an incentive is still required and this can be achieved in more practical ways. By offering a free charging station, for example, visitors will come in, plug in their phones and laptops and not wander too far away.

3. Videos and Entertainment
In-page videos are great for capturing the attention of the attention-span-challenged and can be utilised by your exhibition stand designer too. The key here is to keep them short and sweet and plentiful. Once a viewer knows the videos are only 30 seconds long they’ll be more willing to watch several at different times. Out of your video collection, only a third should offer a call to action to step inside. Potential visitors want to be entertained and not feel obligated to visit.

4. Interactive Tech
With the rise of social media, many customers and B2B customers have come to prefer interacting with tech than people. No matter what your view of this is, it’s important to make potential visitors feel comfortable. Setting up interactive tech stations, even just iPads, will allow your visitors to learn more without the pressure of human interaction. This should be something your exhibition stand contractor can arrange.

5. Link Back to Social Media
Your exhibition stand is now another element in your social media presence, and as with your other pages, it needs to link back to create a whole. You can make sure it stays connected by encouraging visitors to experience your Twitter, Facebook and Insta too, and by bringing in your virtual visitors to the hall. Setting up a screen to show who’s tweeting about you is one way to do this and also a great way to generate hashtags comment from the stand too. Networking professionals love to see their own name up on a big screen.


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