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How to Make Sure You Design an Amazing Exhibition Stand

Whether you’re going it alone or bringing in a professional exhibition stand contractor, designing an amazing eye-catching stand relies on several different elements of design and branding. You need it to be warm, use the space well, be informative and, of course, come in within budget. But just how do you go about designing a brilliant exhibition stand design? We’ve got a few hints lined up.

1. Go for Components
Building an exhibition stand is an expensive task. So it’s crucial it should be designed in a way that allows it to be used again and again – no matter the pitch size or shape. The best way to do this is with a modular design. Using elements that can be used in different ways can modify the design’s shape and size. It will also add interest to repeat conference guests and encourage a second visit. And this is a great way to build up relationships.

2. Create a 3D Space
Graphic banners, backdrops and signs are easy to print, cheap to make and simple to store – but they’re also boring and don’t attract the eye. The appearance of your stand should change as a potential visitor nears. This creates interest and will entice them in. One way to do this is with a more 3D set. Include island stands, furniture and organic or structural shapes. This also helps make your stand welcoming. For tired feet, comfortable seating within reach of attractive displays of your products can be a big draw.

3. Create a Conference Stand Colour Scheme
Too many companies make the mistake of picking the company logo colour as the stand colour theme. Imagine if your logo is red – do you think visitors will want to enter a red, white and possibly pink stand pitch? If you look at many tech companies’ exhibition stands, you’ll see a lot of wood, concrete and fabric in neutral tones. Exhibition attendants quickly become overwhelmed by flashy colours and are more attracted to calm, well-designed colour schemes.

4. Show What You Do
Unless you’re a very well-known brand, most casual observers won’t know what you do. The best way to communicate this is with good design and props. You can also use a short tagline that lets visitors know what it is you’re offering – but always offer more. If you manufacture strong toilet paper, build your back wall out of toilet paper. If you’re a tax accountant, create an installation with calculators.

5. Use Digital Displays
Almost every exhibition stand designer will use at least one digital screen in their stand design. Moving images can be a really eye-catching feature, and even a company movie can draw attention. But you can also use them to entice visitors inside with the kind of communication which would be too intrusive when spoken by a human. Screens are also very versatile and allow you to show different images for different events. So don’t discount them altogether – remember that an amazing exhibition stand is the culmination of many great elements.


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