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How to get perfect results with your next exhibition stand

Every business event requires a great exhibition stand, but how do you stand out from the crowd with a quality offer? The trick is to get your visual branding strategy right for your event stand and this means really pinning down the elements of a great stand.

Bin your old generic stand
Regardless of how good it was at one time, your dusty old exhibition stand will no longer be fit for purpose and will look out of place and tired amongst smart new competitors! So commit to getting a new suite of exhibition materials produced. The latest range of custom-built stands and shell scheme packages are cost-effective, impactful, light and robust. It may be worth investing in a suite of stands that can work alone or together for greater impact. Think about your event attendance plan for the year ahead and organise as far in advance as possible. For example, you might decide to commission a generic brand shell-scheme which acts as a backdrop to a reserved event booth or a large ‘hero’ piece for a table space. You might also want campaign or product specific single-banner pull up stands to enhance a display space, to act as a standalone piece for pop-up events and for smaller and more low-key occasions where space is at a premium.

Work with a professional provider
For an event presence with real visual impact, exhibition stand design needs to taken seriously. This means using the services of a professional events design firm and briefing them carefully on your brand, key messaging, purpose of the material or campaign, and the plans for its usage. Provide visual assets such as photos or graphic design elements if you have them and you’ll see the difference in the resulting piece. If you don’t have an in-house designer, contact a specialist. An expert exhibition stand designer will know how to get the very best from your design.

Get the right quality print
A specialist exhibition stand contractor will offer an array of kit, styles, custom options and great prices, and you’ll find that the results speak for themselves. Good customer reviews and industry memberships or quality marks are all indicators of a great provider.

Assess feedback
To know whether your exhibition stand hit the mark, take time to review its impact. Ask customers and visitors to your stand whether they noticed the stand and understood its messaging. Ask the staff manning your stand whether they thought it had the right angle and impact. Feed the observations back to your marketing team to help refine the brief for future pieces. You may also be able to ‘A/B’ test, by assessing visitor numbers to comparable event spaces, depending on the version used. Think creatively for the best insights.

By thinking strategically and taking a results-focused approach to the production of your exhibition stands, as part of a broader marketing mix, you will see the results that you hope for and a measurable ROI.


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