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Make your exhibition stand an enjoyable destination for bored and hungry buyers

Trade shows and exhibitions are an invaluable way of making contacts and demonstrating the value of your product to vital decision makers. It is therefore critical that your product is displayed in the best possible light, to accentuate its essential features and value in the market place. It may be that the product needs to be used or experienced in some way to show how truly great it is, and this is where an effective exhibition stand design will more than earn its keep.

Products can be described for customers, and they can look at photos, but ultimately, it needs to be examined by industry peers, critics and product scouts, and these types of people tend to gather at trade shows. In fact, this is the whole point of the trade show – to bring many products together in one place, so the industry and buyers can look at them and make their assessment.

It is really important that your stand is working to attract attention, and to assist your product to stand out from the rest and impress all who stop by. While the first step to a successful trade show is booking the space to secure your attendance, the second is securing the services of a talented exhibition stand designer who understands your objectives, can perform efficiently within budgets and deadlines, and most importantly, can bring your vision into reality, while adding features full of impact that you never even considered.

A truly effective stand is designed to order, by someone who takes the time to get to know your business and the product, and who can come up with ways to communicate essential information about it to those passing by. Having your stand custom built means you are investing in a unique, tailored environment to demonstrate the best attributes of your product and make the most of the space that you have available.

Your presence at a trade show is all about expressing the quality and values of your business, and so it is also critical to hire an exhibition stand contractor who can work with your designer to complete a stand that is functional in every aspect and immaculately presented in every way.

A trusted contractor will follow the process of building the stand from beginning to end, ensuring logos are reproduced in the right colours and liaising with agencies where necessary to obtain approved materials. A quality contractor will provide regular updates so that you and your designer can see that the stand is coming together just as envisaged.

A great stand should welcome interested parties, with enough space for representatives to discuss business with potential clients and to display the product, along with relevant supporting materials, to its best advantage. The stand design should not only complement the product, but make vital statements about its uses, benefits and commercial potential.

Make your stand an enjoyable destination for bored, hungry buyers. Some stands include an area where customers might sit, and be served refreshments. Serving coffee and pastries can encourage crucial visitors to spend a little longer with you to appreciate your product and discover more about it.


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