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How to design your exhibition stand around the 5 principal motivators for delegates

These days, nobody needs to attend an exhibition in order to get information about a company or its products. All that information is already available on the internet or social media. Even major product launches are reported online as they happen. Yet people still flock to exhibitions. Why?

These five reasons may well influence your exhibition stand design or your choice of exhibition stand contractor the next time you decide to have a presence at a major trade show.

1. People Can Gather Business Intelligence

Online is a great place to get information about current products and some general guidelines about where a company is going. But talking to people in depth at an exhibition can give visitors a lot more insight, both about the industry in general and about specific companies. They can gather business intelligence that is genuinely useful and insightful and can give them an edge over their competitors. An informed view of where a product range is going can actually influence investment decisions at the customer’s company.

2. They Can Find Out What You’re Like

As stated, there is plenty of information online but far less insight. A potential client or customer may want to know what you’re like to deal with. Just by talking to your people on the stand, they can tell a great deal about your organisation’s culture and values. So you need to be careful about how your staff present themselves, not just in terms of what they wear but their general attitude.

If you staff the stand with full-on sales people, you may drive away clients who don’t like that kind of hard-edged approach. On the other hand, if the staff are too casual, a client interested primarily in price and efficiency may not be impressed. What really counts is to have good communicators available to talk to people.

3. People Can See Competing Products

Exhibitions are actually a time-efficient way for customers to see a full range of goods and services, including the ones that are your competition. And following on from the point above, they can also judge whether they would prefer to deal with you or with another business. So it’s worth employing an exhibition stand designer to make sure that your stand outdoes the competition.

4. They Can Have a Discreet Conversation

At first sight, it may seem that a large public exhibition is the last place anyone would attempt to be discreet. But actually having a quiet word with someone, and even having a site meeting away from the exhibition stand, can be a very discreet way of making delicate enquiries.

All social media and web presences are public. A conversation with one individual is not. So customers may choose to have a quiet conversation with one of your representatives about, say, a possible deal on pricing, rather than going through official channels. At the very least, they’ll get given the contact details of an actual person within the organisation that they can talk to.

5. Exhibitions Are Far Better Than They Used to Be

These days, everyone from the designer to the contractor is intent on providing an engaging immersive experience for the visitor. So guess what? Exhibitions are now a lot more fun than spending the day in the office.


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