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How to put together an economical exhibition stand

Whilst marketing is an indispensable activity for companies, some small businesses simply can’t afford to spend money on expensive exhibition stands, not to mention the planning and time involved in preparing for an exhibition. There are ways, however, to run a successful exhibition stand without paying an arm and a leg for an exhibition stand design. Take a look at some of these ideas:

1. Attend more exhibitions

Yes, you heard right, register yourself at more exhibitions! While buying the gear required for an exhibition stand can be an expensive outlay, traditional stand building costs more. By purchasing a reusable, modular exhibition stand, you will wind up better off after participating in just three events. Not only could more exhibitions attract more interest and leads, it also enables the staff involved to build up confidence and therefore cut down on the length of time planning for and setting up such stands in the future.

2. Use budget websites for marketing materials

The quality may not be up there, but affordable banners and pop up exhibition stands are available from some budget websites. Always do your research and try to find the best products at the most competitive prices, but the key is to ensure that your logo and graphics look professional before ordering any printed materials. By opting for boards or self-adhesive vinyls, you could then repurpose these products for other marketing events.

3. Embrace technology as a marketing tool

Don’t think that you need to order hundreds of expensive fridge magnets, pens or key rings prior to running an exhibition stand – embrace technology and offer something that your audience wants, in the form of a selfie! Take pictures of attendees in front of your logo or banner and upload them onto your Facebook page with a tag. Social media could be your best marketing tool so do ensure that all your platforms are up to date and are stimulating before the event. The best thing about the Facebook ‘photo booth’? All you need is a mobile phone camera app and an Internet connection. Even your logo can be photoshopped into the image if you can’t afford a real-life banner. Add cardboard props for an added element of fun.

4. Hire an exhibition stand designer

Although you might feel happy designing and setting up your own exhibition stand, an exhibition stand contractor can offer a wealth of experience to help your event run smoother than you could possibly have made it yourself. Think of the expenditure as an investment in the future of your product and marketing strategy. You will probably find that a professionally-designed stand brings you significant long-term financial benefits.

5. Use relevant products

If you are a retailer of artificial grass, bring artificial grass samples with you. Rather than displaying pictures of your product in action, why not set up a demonstration area; perhaps a small putting green that encourages attendees to get involved in a game whilst trying out your product at the same time. This goes for all vendors. If it’s what your company does then it shouldn’t be costly to get hold of the sample materials that your customers ultimately want to see and feel.


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