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Integrate your stand with your multichannel marketing

You might imagine that these days, trade exhibitions are becoming less popular since everyone now has internet access and can see products and suppliers on line. However, the reverse seems to be true.

There is a growing appetite for “real life” encounters, and a realisation that you can only learn so much about products and services online. After all, we live in a world where everyone wants personal service and customisation, yet websites offer a standard interaction with the customer. About as close as you get to real interaction is a “live chat” with either a bot, or some person in another country who is probably monitoring dozens of online conversations at the same time.

Social media boosts the relevance of exhibitions

Social media is helping to overcome some of this rigidity – but that too seems to stimulate the need for real life meetings, partly because people feel they have a connection with a company or individual and there’s, therefore, a purpose to attending the exhibition. They know they’ll be recognised, acknowledged and welcomed and this is an antidote to the slightly alienating feel of some business exhibitions.

Those companies that seamlessly move from Twitter, to their web site, to Facebook, to live exhibition space are reaping the benefits of this multichannel approach.

However, the exhibition stand design has to be able to accommodate this approach. A stand should have things happening – these are then tweeted about and posted on Facebook in real time to those people that you know are coming to the event. The stand might run a large-sized Twitter feed, or show its Facebook presence. A Twitter feed at least has moving text all the time, an antidote to the “deadness” of some stands.

Splashdown spots, iBeacon and more

A splashdown spot is an oasis where visitors can get coffee, Wi-Fi, a sit-down, snacks, a glass of wine, or access to a superfast phone charger: anything to get people to engage. iBeacon is the Apple technology that lets you message people in the vicinity to let them know what’s happening on the stand.

So interactivity, events and engagement are all key aspects of exhibiting today. But how do you find an exhibition stand designer who understands that exhibitions have changed?

Finding a stand designer that “gets it”

Look for a company that understands structure. The most striking custom stands are those where someone with a bit of architectural flair has built a modern structure that catches the eye and sends out the message that this is a more interesting kind of stand.

Lighting is crucial in drawing people in, and a well-designed stand will have lots of different types of lighting for different areas. For this type of stand design to be successfully realised, you’ll need a design company which is capable of managing the whole process, including acting as the exhibition stand contractor and project managing.

If you’re a smaller business using a pre-built shell, you have to compete for attention. Why not take a look at EXD’s schemes which are brilliantly designed to get people noticing you. They also have great examples of the larger, custom-built stands, showing architectural design employed to impress and engage.


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