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Harness the power of effective exhibition stands to showcase your product

While an experience can be described for people in great detail, this cannot compare with actually doing and seeing something for yourself. If it did, there would be no need to travel anywhere as reading someone’s report or looking at a few photos would be more than enough. Your products are a bit like that amazing island that no one has been to yet. At some point, visitors will be necessary in order to spread the word about how good it really is.

Trade shows are a perfect means by which to meet prospective visitors, and your stand must clearly give buyers the information they need to determine exactly what your product or service is about. Whether it is holding the product or talking to the people who will deliver the service, it is all about impressing people in an experiential way.

So it is really important that your exhibition stand design reflects the values and quality of your business and is an attention grabbing backdrop for the product or service you are trying to promote. The stand should be welcoming, with room for business representatives to speak with potential customers and space to display relevant material and information. The design should complement the product and present it to take advantage of its innovation and best features.

The most effective stands are custom built, starting with an exhibition stand designer who delves into the business and its product. The designer will use considerable creativity to come up with an idea that will catch the attention of passers by and communicate the essential features of the product without anyone needing to say a word. If hospitality is a cornerstone of your product, then have comfortable seating and a fun atmosphere to encourage potential customers to linger. If the product is an unusual shape or extremely large, a custom built stand could really show it off to advantage.

A quality exhibition stand contractor should follow the process from start to finish. Beginning with the design, which can incorporate your business’ colours and logos, the contractor will build and manage every aspect, checking in to ensure expectations are being met, if not exceeded. An experienced contractor is accustomed to dealing with the agencies which often need to co-operate in order to produce a stand of high calibre, ensuring that every detail is exactly right, and every aspect is working.

If your presence is limited by a shell scheme, that is a standard area between two other stands, then creative design can assist with making the utmost of your allotted space.

It is vital to stand out at a trade show for the right reasons. Have attendees talking about your stand because they are dazzled by the lighting and the theatrical atmosphere. Serve great coffee to encourage more people to visit. Give your staff a comfortable and stunning arena in which they can shine and make valuable contacts. With the right display methods, your product cannot fail to impress. You could even consider interactive screens where visitors can try out services, post on social media or just have fun while learning more. A great stand is an opportunity you really don’t want to miss.


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