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Bring a summer vibe to your exhibition stand

If you’re exhibiting during the summer, bringing the flavour of the season to your exhibition stand can make it more appealing and garner more attention. Even if your product offering isn’t specific to summer, adding a few elements that are relevant to this time of year can make your stand seem fresh, current and eye-catching. Here are a few things to consider.

Colour choice

When considering your exhibition stand design for a summer show, make use of vibrant colours that reflect the intensity of hues of this warmer season. Yellow and blue is a great combination that reminds us of the seaside, while orange, red, green, pink and purple add a touch of summery zing to a stand. If summer colours seem too loud and brash, you don’t need to incorporate them into your stand with gusto. Your exhibition stand designer can simply add a few subtle touches of colour here and there to the stand, to give a nod to the season.

The beauty of exhibiting in the summer is that the design of your stand can take on a more relaxed approach, whilst still remaining professional and true to your brand.

If you intend to use your exhibition stand all year round, it may not be practical to create one that is specific to summer use only. But that’s not to say you can’t implement a few summery elements that don’t need to become permanent features of your stand. Perhaps hang up some floral bunting, or add some greenery, such as plants or vases of fresh blooms?

Don’t forget to reflect the summer vibe in the presentation of your exhibition staff. Nobody is suggesting they should rock up wearing shorts or bikinis, but ditch the dull corporate suits for something a little lighter. A short-sleeved shirt with lightweight trousers or skirt combo is much more appealing – and comfortable – at this warmer time of year.


If you’re exhibiting outdoors, you’ll need shelter from the sun – or the occasional unexpected downpour. Consult an exhibition stand contractor who can offer outdoor stands and ask them to create one that is weatherproof, and comes with some kind of canopy or porch area, to protect you, your visitors and your products from the weather. Your contractor will also need to consider where your stand will be located, and how it will be secured.

When the weather is hot, all that walking around in the heat can be exhausting for exhibition visitors. Make your exhibition stand a welcoming retreat by keeping a jug of cooling water and cups on view, so passersby will stop and have a drink, and a chat with your staff. This is a great way to engage with visitors and tell them more about what you have to offer.

In fact, go one step further and add a few comfy chairs and cushions to your stand, so that visitors can rest their legs and browse through your leaflets, brochures or other product information.


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