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Considerations in planning your next exhibition stand

If you’re planning to exhibit at a forthcoming business event, then you need to plan ahead to make sure that your stand is successful. Here are some of the main considerations to tick off the list:

Your exhibition stand design
Your stand will be the first thing that visitors will see as they approach your space. Use a professional exhibition stand design company for the best results. A print graphic designer will understand how to recreate your brand and chosen messaging to the best effect. Don’t attempt to design it yourself without the right software package, or the results will be less the professional.

Your stand purpose
What is the stand for? Is it simply to attract people to your area? Is it to promote an offer? Is it to simply act as a flagship for your brand? Whatever your objective, define it and brief it in from the start. It helps to create a brief for the piece of work before you commission your graphic designer to begin work. Include your brand guidelines, your copy, the specifications of the unit you intend to order and the planned outcome of the stand.

Assess your budget
Exhibition stands come in a wide range of flavours. You can opt for a simple single pull-up stand featuring a graphic panel, or a large panel stand which will hold together a series of graphics on magnets, in order to create a larger visual space. There is also multimedia exhibition stands that incorporate video and other types of rich media. Costs will vary in line with the specification, so clarify your budget before you start seeking out an exhibition stand contractor to produce your stand.

Agree your key messaging
Remember, a passing attendee will only have time to absorb a few key messages. If you are using text, opt for a couple of bullet points. If you have the budget to spare, consider using an integrated explainer video, which naturally catches the eye. Sign off key messages in advance. Remember, if you are investing in a high-end stand, then it makes sense to make it as reusable as possible. In this instance, you may simply want your brand on there, with an image and a strapline.

Refer to the exhibition event schematic
Before choosing the size and scope of your exhibition stand, refer to the space that you have booked at the exhibition and check for things such us cabling, electrical sockets and lighting availability. Check where the traffic will be coming from on foot and consider how you will place your stand for best effect. Do you want just one larger backdrop sign or an additional single panel pull-up to catch passing traffic?

Liaise with the printer
If you aren’t sure what you need, then liaise with the exhibition stand printer so that they can advise. This is particularly important when submitting artwork. Choose a service where the artwork will be checked for adequate bleed and technical print requirements before production. This way, any mistakes or omissions can be rectified before print begins.

These tips will help you to produce your next exhibition stand without stress or mistakes!


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