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How to make your exhibition stand more eco-friendly

If you’re exhibiting at an event and want to ensure that the process is as environmentally friendly as possible, there are now numerous ways in which you can achieve this. Here’s how to make your exhibition stand design eco-friendly.

Modular designs
Many exhibition stands are used just once and then thrown away. With advances in stand design technology, however, exhibitors can now take a much greener approach. The use of modular designs makes it possible for an exhibition stand designer to custom-build a stand that can be used for one show, and then be re-used, adjusted or fitted together in a completely different way, for use at other shows in the future. This eco-friendly design means less waste, without compromising on the visuals or unique approach you might want to take at each event. If a stand is designed with future use in mind, it will ensure long-lasting appeal without harming the environment.

Move to digital
Traditionally, an exhibitor would come to a show armed with printouts, leaflets, brochures and catalogues to distribute to attendees. This huge reliance upon paper resources does little to boost any firm’s green credentials. These days, exhibition visitors expect a more sophisticated experience, and, thankfully, that means a move from paper to eco-friendly digital technology is fast becoming the norm at events. Exhibitors now make use of QR code scanning or tablets to provide product or company information. They can email or text details to visitors, and capture their contact details electronically.

Choice of materials
You have a wide choice of material options at your disposal when it comes to deciding upon the design of your exhibition stand. By selecting materials that are environmentally friendly, or have been recycled, you can stamp your green credentials on your stand. Discuss options with your exhibition stand contractor and assess what their values are when it comes to sourcing or disposing of materials used for exhibition stands. Crucially, if you demonstrate on your stand just how eco-friendly you are as a business, you’ll win the seal of approval with visitors.

Lighting options
Lighting can enhance an exhibition stand, but it may also gobble up precious energy resources. If you incorporate lighting on your stand, choose LED options, which are more energy efficient. Light dispersing fabrics can also be used to great effect on a stand.

Transportation considerations
It’s not just the exhibition stand and how you present your information that influences your eco-friendly attributes. Think of ways to slash transportation, and, therefore, fuel costs, when travelling to and from events with your kit. A bulky stand demands more space for transporting it, which can increase fuel costs, so consider a flat-packed modular design, which is more compact and requires less delivery or storage room.

Taking an eco-friendly approach to the design of your exhibition stand not only gives you peace of mind that you’re doing your bit for the planet, but it can save you a great deal of money, too.


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