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Make your exhibition stand work by thinking like a consumer

When considering your exhibition stand design, there will inevitably be many facets to bring together. However, the key to creating a successful exhibition presence is to stand back and to think like a consumer (not only those you are trying to reach, but all consumers). By putting yourself in their shoes, you can begin to understand what is most important to them and what could ultimately drive them in your direction as they attend the exhibition.

This may sound obvious to some but it is surprising just how many exhibition stands really fall short of the mark in visual impact. It may be easier for a creative company than it is for an IT provider to lure consumers in with bright and bold visuals, but the reality is that it is important for firms in all sectors to make their businesses shine at marketing events.

An event planner or exhibition stand contractor may talk about ‘graphics’, but the key driver in designing your stand is whether the whole thing looks good. If you want someone who understands the realities and knows how to draw in a crowd, you may wish to hire an exhibition stand designer in order to benefit from their insights.

It goes without saying that most people love a freebie, so by providing free of charge samples or information, you can make people feel good while marketing your service or products at the same time. Even if your business doesn’t lend itself to distributing free products, you can get around this by giving discount vouchers or by offering interactive tutorial sessions in order to make your audience feel involved. If all else fails, a high quality pen emblazoned with your logo is always a safe option. Giving them something to take away is a sure-fire way to get your potential customers to stop and take a look.

Clarity of Information
Whilst appearance is clearly an important factor, it is vital that you follow up on this initial interest with useful and concise information about your products or services. Otherwise, what was the point in attracting those consumers to your stand in the first place? Ensure that any information provided by posters and pamphlets is digestible, and that they don’t have to work to get the information they need.

For example, if a potential customer cannot work out what you do within the first few seconds of arriving at your stand, the likelihood that they will move on is fairly high. Your best bet is to keep your information brief and to the point, giving consumers enough information to carefully consider and then approach you with any questions that they may have.

Finally, always check that any copy being offered to clients is error-free. Nothing says ‘we put this together in a few minutes’ more than poorly constructed material littered with typos. ‘We spent time carefully considering how best to portray this information’ is clearly the message you would wish to convey. Your stand can open the door but your material and people will build the trust and credibility needed to close business.


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