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Why being friendly can be just as effective as any marketing product

It’s really very straightforward when you come to think of it, but many exhibitors forget that the staff on the ground are actually very influential on people passing by. This is why businesses should carefully consider who leads their exhibition stand, and find the right balance between staff with vast knowledge of their product or service and staff who are accustomed to having regular contact with customers. Here is how your staff can make a big difference to customers’ experiences.

Being approachable pays off
Choosing your exhibition team is equally as important as considering your exhibition stand design. People who attend marketing or networking events want to be greeted by people who are enthusiastic about their product or service, who are approachable and friendly without being too pushy, and who generally make them feel at ease. Looking presentable is very important too, so ensure that all staff are either in uniform or are wearing suitable clothing to present your goal or mission effectively. It shouldn’t matter how long a member of staff has worked for you, if they are passionate about the business then they should qualify as a possible candidate for the exhibition event. Remember, you can hire an exhibition stand designer, but it’s your team that will truly sell your product as if it were their own.

Your team can entertain the crowds
If you were at an event and could see one stand surrounded by customers and another with no visitors at all, you’d be inclined to think that the first has much more to offer, and you would be right! Along with the usual crowd pleasers like freebies and samples, customers love free entertainment. Be sure to choose a team who can not only meet the requirements set out above, but who are able to engage with customers and will not tire during the course of a long day of meeting and greeting potential clients. Any kind of interactive activity, such as demonstrations, client testing and photo booths are likely to attract customers to your stand. Not only will the crowds gathering around your stand encourage even more interest from those in the room (especially those who feel like they might be missing out on something!), the entertainment provided will continue to be a talking point even after the event has finished.

Your staff should be helpful
Along with crowds comes hard to navigate spaces, which could put some people off, particularly if they are disabled and need easy access to stands. While encouraging a flurry of guests to your stand, the team should be alert to any customers that can’t gain access for one reason or another, and should be on hand to provide help to those who need extra assistance. For instance, they might like to provide beverages so that customers will feel comfortable taking a break at your stand, while digesting information about your product or service. When preparing for your event, you may also wish to speak to the exhibition stand contractor about having a ramp and a seating area incorporated into your design.


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