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How to make your exhibition stand a customer magnet

For a successful presence at a trade show, exhibition stand design is of vital importance. It can be a challenge to create a stand that embodies your products, impresses clients and attracts new business, but with some focus this can definitely be achieved, to make the most of taking part in the trade event.

Your brand is central
The stand must be an accurate reflection of your products and your brand. If your stand is not congruent with your brand’s message and values, no one can be expected to take it seriously. Being consistent with the identity of your brand makes relationships stronger and gives your clients confidence. Knowing your brand, being proud of it and displaying its strengths is one of the main reasons to participate in a trade show.

If you don’t feel your brand or product has an image that successfully translates into a visually compelling stand, it may be necessary to engage an exhibition stand designer who can devise ways of taking your ethos and expressing it in a three dimensional way.

A successful stand will work to reinforce brand identity. When the stand effectively channels your brand, it will be easier for clients to find you.

The face of your corporation
There are a variety of ways to raise awareness of your brand with a powerful stand. To start, think about the objectives of creating the stand, the main objectives you hope to achieve at the exhibition and the messages you hope to convey. Take inspiration from the colours used in your logo and brand graphics. The stand should be organised to allow easy access to products and staff. With enough space, a stand can encompass an area for seating where visitors can perhaps enjoy a complimentary beverage and explore the features of your brand further.

If you are showcasing a new product, this needs to be displayed in a way that creates excitement, informs those looking at it of its innovative features and explains why customers would want to buy it. Make sure the signage is accurate and informs everyone who passes of what you are doing.

Staff on the stand are crucial also. They need to be briefed on how to interact with customers and present the best features of your brand. Their dress and grooming should also reflect the brand’s core values.

Demonstrations always attract interest, so an area where a staff member can show how a product works can be a potent sales mechanism.

Putting it all together
Someone has to make your stand, and it is unlikely you will have the professionals needed in house, so an exhibition stand contractor can carry out the tasks needed. Custom display cabinets may be required, along with banners and signage. Modular designs that can be taken apart, stored and used again for other events can be a useful investment. Banners and signage can also be used at a range of other functions.

Professionals may also be needed to oversee erection of the stand and to ensure that all elements are placed in the correct positions to maximise efficient customer flow. The stand elements should be designed for easy assembly.


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