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Five exhibition trends for 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice to visit an exhibition stand filled with crystal balls, allowing you to predict everything from the next winning set of lottery numbers to what you’ll be earning in ten years’ time?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible, but by looking at current trends, it’s possible to spot certain indicators that will help you consider your next exhibition stand design or choose a great exhibition stand designer who has their finger on the pulse!

  1. Integrated social media
    Social media is far from new these days, but a good exhibition stand contractor can help you to avoid the mistakes that so many businesses are still making, when it comes to making the most of social media before, during and after exhibitions. Sadly, social media is still drastically underused and is, far too frequently, grossly mismanaged. Yet it can be hugely beneficial, when it comes to attracting attention to your exhibition stand, and to your business as a whole.Social platforms are also improving their performance offerings for event functionality, making it easier than ever to incorporate the likes of live streaming, geofilters or stories to complement or enhance your exhibition stands.
  2. Avoiding the bandwagon
    The next trend is more of an anti-trend, as it involves avoiding jumping on the same bandwagon as everyone else. This year, you must strive to ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd, rather than getting lost in it.Quirky technology, for example, can be great at attracting attention but, as in the case of the recent Pokémon GO craze, over-saturation can become off-putting in the end.

    It is also essential to remember the importance of context, meaning that technology should support wider exhibition or event aims, rather than being offered as a standalone entity, which may do little more than detract attention from your business message.

    In the right context, however, the likes of mobile applications and gamification can be hugely beneficial. Exciting uses include offering live Q&A sessions or session booking, exhibitor engagement activities or networking opportunities.

  3. Target-driven eventing
    Budget constraints will be a consideration for most businesses this year, and indeed every year, making it essential to abandon the ‘scattergun’ approach to exhibiting. Instead, firms should ensure that they carefully plan and choose everything from the design of their exhibition stand to the events they decide to attend, in order to get the biggest rewards for their efforts.
  4. Marketing automation
    Marketing automation and data integration will increasingly be used during 2017, to maximise the potential of achieving the best possible gains from events. This type of technology can be vital in attracting visitors to your exhibition stand, and to the overall event, as well as boosting engagement levels.
  5. Modern reality
    Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are likely to be big news in the events world, as they have the potential to be real game-changers in terms of offering visitors immersive, multi-sensory and memorable experiences.This sort of technology has previously only been within the financial reach of huge brands but this is changing, making it more likely to start appearing on the exhibition stands of smaller companies at more mainstream events.


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