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Seven audience engagement ideas

A striking exhibition stand design is obviously a must, but successful engagement has to start with attracting visitors to that stand, and keeping them there for long enough for you to trade the information that will, hopefully, be beneficial to both parties.

The following seven ideas are designed to do just that, as well as ensuring that you deliver valuable experiences and differentiate yourself from the competition at every exhibition you attend.

Talk to your exhibition stand designer about how you can incorporate gamification into your stand, as games are a proven way of drawing in even the most unfamiliar of audience members, and keeping them within your space for longer. This will offer them a fun and memorable experience, whilst boosting engagement for your own business benefit.

Augmented Reality
Of course, your exhibition stand contractor needs to create the perfect stand for your business, but there are times when you might also want to consider taking your visitors beyond the confines of an event space. Augmented Reality can be used to achieve this aim, by offering an immersive audience experience which can convey your business message in a hugely crowd-pleasing way.

Competitions are nothing new at exhibitions, but there is also room for innovative contests – especially those that have their potential maximised through the use of social networks.

Well-run competitions can really boost excitement around your stand, and your business, and winners can become great advocates for your brand. There is no one more likely to spread the word about your business than someone who has just been given something nice for free!

Photo booths
Integrating a photo booth into the design of your exhibition stand can be both fun and productive, especially if visitors are also asked to come up with captions relating to their photo and your brand. These captioned snaps can then be used in various ways, including being displayed at the exhibition and being streamed online.

Q&A and social media
Your audience should always feel free to ask questions and should be encouraged to engage with your company before any exhibition even starts. Social media is still being hugely underused in the world of events, meaning that there is lots of potential on offer for businesses who are able to use it well and to engage with their audience members, both individually and as a group.

Share your knowledge
Use your exhibition stand to share your knowledge through product demonstrations and interactive activities for those passing your stand. These should be fronted by a charismatic presenter with an engaging personality and the ability to use humour to keep people in your vicinity for as long as possible.

Offer a workplace area
If you have room on your stand, consider offering a workplace area where visitors can sit down and send an email, read correspondence from the office, and recharge their smartphones – all while they enjoy a free cup of coffee (in exchange for their contact details) and have a chat with your team.


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