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Organising a Successful Exhibition on a Budget

Exhibitions can be a good way to network and build contacts, but if you’re a small business or one on a tight budget, it’s important to spend your cash wisely to get the best return on investment.

Size Matters
The bigger the exhibition space, the more it will cost to hire, so only rent the area that you really need. A small space doesn’t mean it won’t attract attention: it’s what you do with that space that is the crucial element. An experienced exhibition stand contractor will help you make the best use of the space you’ve got so you can successfully compete with the bigger boys.

Design with Care
Choose an exhibition stand designer who has experience in this area. If they know you’re working to a budget, they’ll be able to show you all the different options available within your financial limitations. Crucially, they’ll help to maximise the design options to fit your budget to the greatest effect. For the budget-conscious, choose a design that allows you to use the stand again in the future, so avoid putting inflexible information on it such as dates.

Simplistic Design
You don’t need to go overboard with your exhibition stand design to draw the crowds, and blowing your budget doesn’t necessarily equate with higher success. In fact, the ‘busier’ your design, the more off-putting it may be.

With so much going on at an exhibition, less is often more. A simple but effective design that doesn’t overload the senses is more eye-pleasing to passers-by than one that is over the top. However, your stand needs to be cleverly and expertly designed to achieve this. Be clear on what your message is and what you want from your design, and focus on these when putting the exhibition stand together.

Host a Competition
Many exhibitors think that giving lots of freebies away can attract interest from attendees. The reality is that this can be costly, and you’re never really certain of attracting the right kinds of people who are genuinely interested in your brand. Instead, host a competition such as a prize draw. This will be more cost-effective, and if you collect contact details from people who enter, you can get in touch with them after the event to promote your products.

Use Cross-Promotion
If you’re strapped for cash, why not consider cross-promoting with another brand at an exhibition? Essentially, this means joining forces with another company, preferably one that has some relevance to your own products, so you share the space and work together. As well as saving money, it could be a good strategy for attracting wider audiences to your stand.

Choose Local
Well-known exhibition centres may pull the crowds in, but it may cost more to hire space, especially if you also factor in travelling costs if they’re far away. Look at lesser-known exhibition centres that may be nearer to home to keep the costs down. They may even prove to be more lucrative, especially if you depend on local business for your trading success.


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