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Exhibition stands display the soul of your company

Whether you walk into someone’s home, up to the reception desk of a company, stride into an office, or even when someone walks towards you, consciously or not you make an appraisal and it influences what you expect to follow.

Likewise, the first impression a visitor gets when they come across your stand at an exhibition, is crucial. It has to send out the right message about your company. Miss that golden opportunity and you might not get a second chance to portray your goods or services in a more positive light, because that initial imprint will stay in the visitors’ minds regardless of how strong the sales pitch might be.

In short, people will judge your company before a single word has been exchanged and it can be an uphill struggle to maintain their interest if visitors to your stand already harbour negative thoughts.

How, then, do you create that immediate positive impact? When it comes to exhibition stand design, there are several factors which need to be taken into consideration.

Don’t leave it to the trendy person in the corner of the office who went to art school and has some good ideas. By all means, listen to suggestions put forward by your staff, but also choose a professional exhibition stand designer, who can discuss your needs and then come up with a structure which reflects the ethos of your company, and enhances your products or services.

Irrespective of whether you are exhibiting at a conference or trade fair for a one-off event, or you will be using the stand multiple times, it has to be easily recognised as representing your company. It’s no good having something which resembles the quarterdeck of an intergalactic starship, if you are promoting jam made from your grandmother’s recipe.

Together with your exhibition stand contractor, you should decide on a suitable image which sits happily with your brand of products or services, and then think about the practical issues.

This usually starts with the budget. Don’t skimp. If your stand looks tacky, visitors won’t expect superior goods. Don’t miss the opportunity to really show off your business. There is a wide choice of materials to build your stand, so you will always be able to find a suitable solution.

Blank walls are wasted spaces. Apart from posters and photographs, think instead about an LED display which has more appeal. Even better, consider a touch screen monitor so you can explain your product in an interesting manner, or visitors can become engaged themselves. These are much more entertaining than flipping through a leaflet or brochure, though, of course, you need those too for the visitor to take away with them.

Choose furniture carefully. You need counters or tables to display your wares, with storage space beneath them, so you never run out of promotional material to hand out. Choose comfort when it comes to seating. You don’t want your visitor wriggling about, anxious to leave. Why not brew fresh coffee? The aroma has a soothing effect and makes people relax.

Deciding upon the right stand will drive sales and maximise the return on your investment.


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