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Simple Strategies for a Successful Exhibition Stand

When your company or organisation invests in exhibition space, you’ll be doing so aiming to put your activities, products or services right between the eyes of those who are attending, hoping to win customers, make new contacts and raise awareness of all that you do.

But the space can often be a wasted investment without the right strategy and commitment to make the most of the opportunity the exhibition will give you. Simply turning up with a bit of a backdrop and last year’s dog-eared brochures is never going to draw a crowd. Whilst you may be a household name in your local business community, you’ll likely be unheard of by most attending the event. Making sure you’re presenting yourself in the best possible way to bring people to your stand is vital.

Exhibition stand design nowadays allows for a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and the sky is really the limit when it comes to what’s possible, depending on budget of course. Work closely with your exhibition stand designer and get the benefit of their experience, so that you maximise every possible opportunity to make an impact at the event. Biggest isn’t always best, small stands with the right displays and the right people engaging with visitors can be just as successful as stands costing much more, and the look and feel of the stand is of paramount importance, whatever the size. The stand is your shop window, so work with the designer to make that window as attractive as possible.

Being prepared should go without saying, but make sure you don’t get caught out on the day by unexpected circumstances. Double check all the elements of the event with the exhibition stand contractor and, where possible, set up your stand at your premises to get a feel for the space and make sure it has the right impact. Apologising on the day for an overlooked element leaves a bad impression and visitors will walk on by. Additionally, having a dummy-run before the event gives you chance to see what works, what’s not working, what’s needed and what’s unnecessary – plus it gives the staff who’ll be working on the stand a bit of confidence in what they’ll be doing on the day, so they can hit the ground running and get visitors lining up to talk business.

When it comes to staff, it’s vital to make sure you have the right team around you. Whilst certain staff may assume they will be involved or have been involved at previous events, prioritise your outcomes from the event and assign staff accordingly. Friendly, outgoing staff on a stand is a no-brainer, but equally someone too pushy can give the wrong first impression. Trying to sell to everyone at the event is never going to work, so plan your engagement strategy with your staff and stick to it. And if you don’t think you’ve got the right people in your team to be useful at the event, consider hiring in casual staff from an agency, briefing them thoroughly, of course.

Exhibitions still present a great opportunity to raise your profile and win business. Like any element of a successful business, planning and perfect execution is the key to success.


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