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Top trends in exhibition innovation

Like the businesses it seeks to showcase, exhibition stand design never stands still. Businesses need to make sure that their stands are as up-to-date as their products. Some companies drag the same old, tired-looking stand out year after year, and then wonder why they don’t get much footfall at their trade exhibition.

So, what are the new trends that an exhibition stand designer can help you capture?

1. 3-D printing is everywhere
Every exhibition stand contractor and designer is now coming across requests for customised features on exhibitors’ stands, that they would like to be produced by 3-D printing. It’s essential that businesses understand what this technology can do, in terms of producing innovative structures, fittings and shapes.

2. Think outside the box – go curved
Curves are great, because they can lead visitors round to the area where you can talk to them. They look modern and architectural and are also friendly – a more organic shape than the square boxes that many companies think “will do”. The trend for curves is in line with many other developments in the commercial world. These include a marked trend towards more casual dressing at work – the business suit is definitely on its way out in a huge number of companies.

Your visitors at a trade exhibition are far more likely to respond, if you don’t present them with a rigid, conventional and boring box design.

3. High-definition makes ordinary video and graphics look fuzzy
Now that high-definition TV is available, it makes exhibitors who are not using this technology look old-fashioned. Their graphics will look fuzzy and indistinct, in comparison to the high-definition version.

4. Lighting is being used to zone the stand
Now that lighting is available in such a range of different effects, formats and colours, it’s possible to design a stand with a series of zones, where lighting effects create different moods. For example, you may want soft lighting for a low-key area where potential customers can sit down and feel relaxed enough to have a conversation with you, without feeling that they are under the spotlight. On the other hand, you may want brilliant white halogen lighting on a product in another part of the stand, to give it focus.

5. Augmented reality
This is a term that covers everything from pushing ideas and presentations onto your customers’ smart phones and tablets at the stand, to using virtual reality to show how products that are only just launching can and will be used in the future. You might use 2D or 3D animation or you might even include the person you’re talking to in a video. There are no limits except the exhibitor’s and designer’s imaginations.

Interactive technology is key and the buzzword is “immersive” – engaging just isn’t enough any more.

So, unless you want one of those dated stands that everyone passes by, see what an exhibition stand contractor can do for you, to make your stand one of the ones people remember.


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