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Securing Exhibition Success; Before and After

According to Marketing Esp, 76 per cent of show attendees have a particular agenda in mind before they’ve arrived, so it’s imperative for your business that you are among their must-see exhibitors.
Once you’ve finalised the details of your exhibition stand design, it’s time to start on promotion for the show itself, to give you the best chance of having a day that allows you to reap the rewards after the show has ended.

Email marketing
Some businesses already have custom email lists set up as part of their marketing automation, which is ideal. If this isn’t something you have implemented, now is definitely the time to consider your current customer base and any active leads that are likely to be at the show. Make sure your exhibition stand builder keeps your displays in line with the branding you use for email marketing, as it will ensure people recognise you in a busy exhibition hall.

Prepare your staff, train if necessary
Are your staff well prepared and able to answer any questions that people could have about your business? If you’re not sure, then it might be the time to re-train them or at the very least ensure they are up to date on the most salient information about your work and what your unique selling points are. On the day, it isn’t just about having a great looking display, it’s about how your colleagues present both themselves and your business.

Use social media to broaden your audience
Social media has the benefit of viral potential. While you might not have the scope or time to create content that reaches hundreds of thousands, you can certainly help your brand along the way with the right content, networking, and call to action. Here’s where your existing contacts can come in useful. For example, your exhibition stand contractor would be a great place to start -ask them to make their contacts aware of your business and to share it with others. If you do the same for them, the arrangement is mutually beneficial for you both. Cross-post across different channels as well, depending on the type of content you’re promoting. Video for example works better on Facebook than Twitter.

Networking with other businesses
How many other companies were involved with the conception of your entire exhibition display? Who designed your logo? Did you use an external company to produce promotional materials? Now is the perfect time to network with them. Like social media, this type of engagement has the potential to greatly increase awareness of your business.

Choose freebies carefully
It’s fairly widely accepted that in exchange for contact details (leads), delegates at exhibitions will usually come away with a haul of freebies. Here’s where you can make your business stand out, by thinking outside of the box. Of course, there will be loads of businesses that have pens and notepads – they’re the cheapest promotional item to produce, and most people keep them on their desk. The most memorable freebies, however, are the ones that make sure people remember you. Shop around before instinctively opting for generic items.


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