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Design Is Key to Exhibition Success

It’s no secret that successful exhibiting is based on capturing an audience’s attention, but this basic sentiment is simply not enough. Every company at every exhibition has the same ambitions, meaning that achieving this aim will almost always boil down to design.

Good exhibition design is the key to getting an audience to open their minds – and wallets – to what you have to offer. It’s the best way of getting people to stop for long enough to allow you to dazzle them with your freebies, wow them with your patter or impress them with some high-spec technology.

There are many elements to successful design, but any good exhibition stand contractor will tell you that it is the visual that will be the bait to ensure that the sharks in the water circle your stand and not your competitors’.

Net the Goldfish

Whilst you may want to ensure that visitors to your stand are given as much information as possible, this shouldn’t affect the attractiveness of the design.

It’s a fact that most visitors have the attention span of a goldfish: the average time they will spend at your stand is between half a minute and three minutes before wandering off, and to achieve the higher end of these timings you need to make your stand more appealing than the big and shiny effort at the end of aisle three. You need an exhibition stand designer to ensure that yours is the big and shiny effort that attracts visitors from your competitors and not the other way around.

Don’t run away in horror if your designer suggests going bold. After all, when did dull ever win over the crowds? Instead, think innovation, think unique, and be willing to consider suggestions that go beyond the norm to create the sort of wow factor that you need.

Get Visitors Involved

Going interactive is another good way of engaging visitors at your stand – and keeping them where you want them for a little while longer. At this point, it is often a good idea to go beyond the visual and attempt to engage a myriad of senses instead.

That doesn’t mean that you need to go to town with strobe lighting and pulsating beats – you want to engage visitors, not send them dashing off to find some peace. Instead, use social media, technology and any other innovative methods to boost the interest of visitors in your stand.

How about live tweets on a prominent display board, with visitors given the opportunity to get involved using their phones, or have a free app based on the design themes of your stand? The latter will act as a visual prompt and can give visitors easy access to more information about you or your company. You also won’t have to worry about your literature being dumped before visitors have even left the building.

Focus and Diversity

Successful exhibition stand design should combine a focus on your core strategy with the use of multiple tools to ensure that your message is delivered successfully. This can be a difficult balance to achieve, which is why many companies turn to exhibition design experts to ensure that every minute you spend at an exhibition really does count.


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