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Three Ways to Attract People to Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibiting at trade shows and business expos can be a great way to drive new custom, but it is also a competitive environment. You will be head-to-head with a lot of other businesses, all trying to attract the attention of potential customers and clients. So it is important to stand out.

The greatest challenge is getting them to stop and engage with your stand. With so many different businesses vying for their attention, many people will want to simply walk past, and if they take a leaflet there is a good chance it will end up in the next bin with barely a glance. If, on the other hand, you can get them to stop and engage with you, then you have a real opportunity to turn them into a new source of business, putting you at a significant advantage in comparison with most of the other businesses present.

A Good Design

Before getting into specific tactics, it is really important to get the basics right. Central to this is making sure that you have a good, eye-catching stand. A specialist exhibition stand contractor will be able to help with this, providing a powerful and effective exhibition stand design that will help your business to grab people’s attention and to draw them to you instead of the competition.

Depending on the nature of the exhibition stand, it can also communicate information about your business, ranging from its general character and the nature of your products and services through to a powerful and highly specific marketing message. This will get you noticed in the first instance, and lay down a powerful foundation upon which you can build at every stage of the interaction that follows.

Promotional Gifts

Once your exhibition stand designer’s work is done, it is time to move onto more specific measures. One such measure is to have something to give away which is not just literature. A leaflet will often be taken and simply filed or binned as soon as the delegate is out of sight. A pen or some other small but useful branded object will not. And chocolates or sweets are almost always welcome (assuming of course that you are not at a health expo).

Handing out branded gifts instead of, or in addition to, leaflets is at the very least a way to make sure that people will pay attention to the things you give them, remember your brand, and quite possibly look you up later instead of throwing away your promotional materials. Even the most professional of delegates at a trade fair can get surprisingly excited about small gifts, so giving them something of value is a great way to get people to actively approach your stand. This creates the opportunity to engage with them directly.


This is closely related to the last tactic, and plays on the same fact that people can get surprisingly fired up about free things, even if they are only small and of low-value. Drinks are often in high demand at these events, particularly since they are so often sold at comparatively high prices by the venue’s caterers. Catering outlets are often small, crowded and may be confined to just one area of the venue.

Offering hot and cold drinks on your stand for free is not an expensive commitment, but it is a very effective one. You will, of course, need to adhere to pertinent health and safety regulations but, once again, this is a great way to make people actively want to enter your space and to engage with you in order to benefit from a free drink. And since you have relieved them of the need to brave the queues at the venue’s catering facilities, this creates an opportunity for engagement.


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