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Exhibition success: making a ‘stand’ for engaging the prospective client

Exhibitions remain one of the most effective and adaptable B2B direct marketing tools available to industry, with each event representing an exclusive opportunity to interact with new customers. However, whether you’re exhibiting at a trade show or participating in a business expo, you’re likely to find yourself placed head-to-head with your competitors, and your exhibition stand design must get you noticed. Making an impact at these crowded events is vital if you’re going to ignite the interest of would-be buyers, generate new leads and leave a lasting impression. For many exhibitors, enlisting an exhibition stand designer is a worthwhile investment.

Whether you’re a market-leading multinational, an expanding SME or an owner-managed firm, the challenge is the same – attracting prospective clients. An experienced exhibition stand contractor can help ensure eye-catching displays that will steer the footfall in your direction, whereas cluttering your stand with outdated marketing material will send folks slinking off behind your faded signage! Every aspect of your exhibition stand display counts, from eye-catching marketing efforts through to the correct lighting or even illuminating focal points. Remember, you might never get a second chance for that client or prospect interaction and your aim is to capture the imagination of a moving audience in seconds.

Consider who you’ll be pitching to, what information you wish to project and how best to present it. Selecting the right banners and promotional material is just one aspect of successful exhibiting and enlisting a specialist stand contractor will prove invaluable. Directly involving your visitors with hands-on marketing tools is a good incentive to entice and hold an audience. Interactive touch-screen technology such as tablets are a great example – remember, the busier your stand gets, the more of a buzz it will generate. Excessive or tacky ‘freebies’ could be off-putting, whilst a well considered promotional gift is less likely to be fired into the closest bin than yet another flier. Even the most discerning of trade fair delegates might be tempted towards a stand by the prospect of a nifty giveaway and a first-rate coffee!

Before doing anything, it’s worth speaking to EXD. With nearly 20 years’ of expertise in UK and international exhibitions, we follow our clients’ individual instructions to ensure that their stands best reflect their direct sales & marketing objectives. Your stand, whether you opt for a custom built unit or one of our shell scheme packages, will be professionally designed, built and delivered to realise its potential on the day. We’ll help you to get it right – good design is paramount if you’re going to maximise visitor traffic. Enlisting an exhibition stand designer will help you to communicate your business’s unique ethos, whilst focussing on those aspects which really set you apart from the crowd. Not only are we creative professionals in exhibition stand design but we can project manage every aspect of your event, from planning phase through to event day, with our service individually tailored to ensure that our prices match your organisation’s budget.


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