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4 things every exhibition stand designer needs to know before creating a custom stand

Getting an exhibition stand custom designed and built by an exhibition stand contractor is a decision that many companies make, in a bid to stand out in what can be a highly competitive environment.

To achieve this, it is imperative that your exhibition stand designer has all the information required to create a layout that n gives your audience a positive impression of your brand, and also allows your staff to maximise every opportunity they have to speak to potential customers and create healthy prospect pipelines.

Once you have chosen a company to build your stand, here are the four most important areas your stand designer should discuss with you before starting work:

  1. Brand guideline information
    A well thought out exhibition stand design should grab the attention of delegates, and one way of achieving this is to make the stand look different from the rest. However, you still want your brand to be recognisable amidst all that creativity. Existing customers should instantly be able to tell that the stand belongs to you, and new prospects visiting your stand should be able to recognise your brand if they see it again.
  2. Goals
    Identify your goals and those of your intended audience. A common mistake is to commission a stand that works perfectly for you, but neglects the needs of the people you want to attract to it. Some people attend exhibitions with specific problems they need to solve, and may be there primarily to seek advice from experts. These people will probably not want to lean over a counter alongside a dozen other people to discuss their requirements. Others may just be coming to collect brochures or contact information to review at their leisure, and as such, would benefit from easy access to this collateral. Your exhibition stand designer will need to understand these goals in order to come up with a layout that best accommodates everyone’s needs.
  3. Your products and/or services
    This should be discussed very early in the process, as what you are showcasing and the type of samples, marketing collateral and technology you intend to use will heavily influence decisions on the layout of the stand. Will you be taking people aside and going through your products or services on a tablet? Are you using video displays? Product demos? Brochures? Or perhaps a selection of the above? Whatever the case, the exhibition stand design should allow for these to be used effectively.
  4. The venue
    Finally, your contractors need as much information as you can give about the venue, especially if it is one they haven’t worked with before. Aside from providing a floor plan of the venue, it would be useful to find out if there are any other factors to be borne in mind, such as stand height restrictions, access constraints, set up and break down times and power and network access. Taking these into consideration at the design stage will save a lot of time and stress later.


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