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Succeeding at a Business Expo

A business expo can be a great opportunity to market your services or products and to reach a new audience directly and personally. However these events can be crowded, with many businesses vying for the attention of potential clients and customers. It can be hard to stand out from the competition and tap into the full potential of a business expo. The following steps can help you to take full advantage of the event and use it to really drive forward your business.

Get Your Stand Right

When advertising at a business expo, your stand is your main asset. It is the little piece of space in the hall that is set aside for your business, and it also has the potential to be your biggest and most eye-catching advert. A good exhibition stand design can do a great deal to drive relevant individuals to your stall by catching their attention and communicating the essence of your business in an effective manner.

As such, there is a lot to be gained from hiring a dedicated exhibition stand designer to create a display that will be genuinely effective. In a crowded area where you must compete for attention with many other businesses, this will ensure that you stand out, quickly communicating key corporate messages. Once you have the initial attention of prospects, your team can then get to work to capitalise on the opportunity.

Know Your Objectives

A stand from a professional exhibition stand contractor is specifically designed to grab people’s attention in the first instance. But how you proceed beyond that depends on what you are trying to get out of the exhibition. For best results, you should go into the event with complete clarity as to the desired outcomes. Do you want to push for on-the-day sales and sign-ups, or do you want to build brand awareness and encourage people to visit your site or give you a call later?

Do you want to sell your products or services to anybody you can, or do you want to try to zero in on a specific demographic or group of market segments? There may also be secondary objectives, such as taking the opportunity to carry out valuable market research as well as pushing for new business. Being entirely clear on all of your objectives, and on your approach in achieving those objectives, before you go in is absolutely essential and will be a key input into the design of the stand and its messaging.

Have the Right Handouts

Even if your primary goal is securing new business on the day, there will doubtless be some people who want to go away and think about it. It is true that some of these may be looking for the most polite way to move on, but many may represent genuine opportunities. In these situations, it is important that you have a handout which can, at the very least, help them to remember your business and which can potentially provide valuable information.

Small gifts such as stationery or, better, confectionery are likely to help actively drive people to your stall, create a strong positive impression of your business, and serve as a powerful reminder to check out your site or get in touch later. Leaflets and flyers, on the other hand, are much better at containing valuable information. It is, of course, entirely possible to utilise both gifts and pure-play marketing material.


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