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Make a lasting impression with your exhibition stand design

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression; and that doesn’t just apply to individuals. Businesses are increasingly aware as to the need for adaptive and eye-catching marketing efforts and visual representation. If you’re a regular at exhibitions and events, this means that working on your brand’s aesthetic is an integral part of ensuring success.

When you’re at a busy exhibition, you have only seconds to grab the attention of people as they pass by. This is especially true when you have a range of competitors at the same event. Your exhibition stand design can carry you far in delivering the desired outcome. If you’re not sure what you want to say to prospective customers, now is the time to decide on this so you can put together a display that will ensure that people don’t walk on by.

First things first

Building your display from the ground up is the vital first step in creating a world-class design that will set you apart at exhibitions. Working with an exhibition stand designer that understands your bespoke requirements is essential. With a wealth of experience, they will offer unique input and insights into what you want to convey and this can be worked into your design both visually and practically.

Your message is key, and you want to be sure that you don’t stray from your brand identity with something that is overly elaborate or confusing for an audience. Businesses that are reliant upon technology to showcase products or services should also make sure that the theme of their physical presence extends to any hardware (such as tablets) they are using for demonstration. Make it as clear as possible what your brand is all about.

Background considerations

Every aspect of your stand matters, right down to the last detail. An exhibition stand contractor will tell you the importance of picking the right lighting; have you considered illuminating certain parts of your display, for example? Will you have anything interactive that requires specific technology for demonstrations?

You may need to use sound to provide an auditory experience for your potential customers. It’s not just about picking the right colours and theme for your business, think of it as building a complete physical marketing framework that is flexible enough to adapt for future events.

You can even be creative with freebies; small desktop items such as pens that carry your brand, for example, are a great way to give people something physical to take away with them.

Beyond the way in which your business is presented at an exhibition, being prepared to deal with people face-to-face is essential in drawing everything together. With a sea of leaflets often thrown away after events, you’ll want to make sure that customers remember interacting with you as a pleasant experience that stays with them.

It is these people that will continue to generate leads for you long after the doors close at the event.


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