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Picking the Dream Team for Your Exhibition

You’ve chosen the perfect event, the perfect exhibition stand design, and the perfect literature, but could your exhibition team be letting you down? Here are four ways to make sure your staff bring their A-game to your next exhibition.

1. Put your best feet forward

Exhibiting is hard work. The shy new guy might be keen to show his dedication, but after a few hours of trying to engage passers-by in conversation, he’s likely to be tired out and less than inspiring. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so show the public your best side and give the chattiest, most energetic members of your team a chance at exhibiting.

By putting them up front and centre, you’re presenting your business in a positive light, and making sure potential customers feel at ease. Having your super-star follow up leads personally after the exhibition will mean clients are much more likely to click ‘reply’. Put a friendly, open smile up front, and you’re sure to reap the rewards.

2. Break up the scrum

There’s nothing more off-putting than walking up to a stand to find every member of staff huddled together, giggling, and ignoring you completely. It’s important that every passer-by is treated as a welcome guest, and not one who is interrupting a private moment.

While it’s crucial to keep up team morale, and encourage a good rapport, make sure you give them clear instructions not to spend too long chatting. Building regular breaks into their schedule should keep your team refreshed, cutting down gossiping on-the-job.

3. Idle hands…

Choosing a great exhibition stand contractor will take you a long way in making sure your stand is swarming with potential clients, but there are even more ways in which you can use design to your advantage.

Work with your exhibition stand designers to create a custom-built area in which an activity can take place, keeping your team busy and giving your stand a boost of energy. If your business designs video games, for example, create a gaming area. If you produce vacuum cleaners, create a trial zone.

Your team can switch between customer-facing and taking part in the activity, keeping them engaged, and drawing interest to your business. You’d be surprised how much a simple change to your exhibition stand design increases footfall.

4. Brand ambassadors

It’s crucial that any staff representing your company understand the essence of your brand. They should represent the feel of the brand, know the brand guidelines inside out and be able to talk knowledgeably about anything a potential customer might ask.

This doesn’t mean that every member has to be an old hat at exhibiting. In fact, selecting an overly-experienced team could leave you with a less-than-energetic group who’ve seen it all before.

Mix experienced members with less experienced ones and spend a little time with your team before the exhibition, briefing them and bringing them up to speed on any new information they might need.


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