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Before and after the exhibition: 6 essential tips

Once you’ve booked your space at an exhibition, the real work starts in planning your strategy. According to Marketing Esp 76 per cent of show attendees have a set agenda before they’ve even walked through the doors and you want to be included.

You’ve got a stellar exhibition stand design and your branding is exactly how you want it to be, so how do you go about creating a buzz about your presence at a show?

1. Email marketing
If you’ve already got custom mail lists set up, great. If not, consider doing it sooner rather than later. The key to a strong marketing email is content and up-coming exhibitions are a great bit of news to be using to communicate to those who are interested in your industry but may not be likely to go in search of this information themselves.

They’ll remember that it was you that recommended them.

2. Ensure staff are well prepared
The best exhibition stand designers in the world won’t get you far if your staff aren’t making an impression that is on the same level as your brand’s aesthetic. If this means investing time and money in training for the occasion, it’s worth doing to ensure things run smoothly. If visitors come to your stand and don’t know who you are, make sure that your staff can explain and introduce your business succinctly and memorably.

3. Use social media
There are so many ways you can effectively engage with people on social media. Show your audience teaser pics of your exhibition stand design, snippets of what they can expect to gain from visiting your stand, run competitions. The viral potential on sites like Facebook and Twitter means you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and pique interest. If you can create an air of intrigue around your stand, you can guarantee a high footfall.

4. Networking with other businesses
Consider how you can involve other businesses in your strategy. For example, who designed your company logo? Who was your exhibition stand contractor? Are these people who would be interested in your target audience as well? Strong business to business relationships can take you a long way.

5. Choose freebies carefully
Most trade show attendees will expect to come away with freebies that they have exchanged for contact details. With so much to choose from it can be tempting to go with something that appeals to you personally.

6. Fill It With Value And Not Junk
Thinking creatively can get you a long way with this one; imagine having visited a trade show yourself and upon returning you go through the information you gathered while there. What would make you pause when picking it out of a bag?

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that you should also be prepared to analyse your exhibition experience. What will you do with contacts you acquired? How will you use feedback? Know how you plan to gauge success, and how you will interpret this.


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