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Make Your Exhibition Stand Out: But Not as a Sore Thumb

We’ve all been there; the packed exhibition hall and the sea of heads and in front, to the side and all around us the exhibition stands. It can be somewhat overwhelming. Or underwhelming.

From a business perspective, the question is: how do we make our stand eye catching? But it’s important to remember, this isn’t a fairground, visitors are not here to win a stuffed toy. Most visitors to exhibitions have a goal, be it business or personal. As they scan the stands, they are looking for hints that a stand can help them reach that goal. So the aim of your stand is not to simply be ‘eye-catching’, but communicative too.

Know Your Target Audience

The first element of any good stand requires you to identify your specific target audience. In a specialised exhibition, you may think every passer-by falls into this category, but this is a sign that you need to delve deeper.

For example, your primary marketing goal at this exhibition could be to attract visitors who have never heard of your company or products before or it could be to add physical authority to an up-coming product launch.

Use the Space Well

Just like a stage performer, your stand needs to use all the space it is allocated to make its presence known. This is a common mistake made by many companies who don’t hire exhibition stand designers. They think a stand should end early to allow visitors space in which to approach. However, as your exhibition stand contractor knows, visitors need to be drawn into the exhibition to encourage them to linger.

The Writing Is On The Wall

The average visitor looks at a stand for 3 seconds before deciding whether or not to visit it. Bear this is mind when writing the text for your exhibition stand design. The first time a visitor will read it, will be once they are already inside.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

In exhibition stand design, this is highly relevant. Images convey ideas and generate interest quickly. Once a visitor is within your stand, make sure that there are plenty of images for them to examine, to keep them interested until a host is available.

Lighting The Way

Lighting attracts, and can provide a way-finding route towards your stand. Lighting can create feelings of trust and anticipation.

Get the Material Right

Depending on your industry, the material used to construct your stand is highly relevant. A medical devices company can’t lay out their leaflets on a wooden table. Likewise an eco-initiative should probably avoid reams of moulded plastic.

We know, it’s a lot to take in. Exhibitions are big business and creating the right exhibition environment for your pitch is a serious undertaking which requires the expertise of several different professionals.

From designers, to project managers, to construction teams and their contractors, it’s a team effort from beginning to end. But get the right team and you’ll get the right stand.


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