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Building a partnership as well as an exhibition stand

Event management can be a tricky business, including stakeholders’ agendas, business objectives and the ever-ticking clock of tight time scales. Working in partnership with an experienced exhibition stand contractor can significantly ease your headaches, but how do you pick the right one? Here we outline some tips to make design and build the icing on the cake rather than the be all and end all…..

1) Briefing, briefing, briefing

It’s easier to work alongside your business if we’re invested in the strategy as much as the output. Work in collaboration with our exhibition stand designers and builders and we can ensure that the production process is as creative as it is seamless. Want a literal moon on a string? We can absolutely deliver but help us understand why, and we can add our expertise to your ideas.

2) Research your options

A symptom of the modern world is too much choice. When you’re considering your exhibition stand design options we recommend you review potential suppliers online. Their portfolio should be strong enough to give a good overview as to both their facilities and their equipment.

Ask yourself if you’re seeing the capabilities you might be looking for, with enough creative flair to add something to your briefs. And if they’ve worked for named brands all the better – you know you can trust them.

3) Face to face time

Nothing beats an initial meeting. This is the ‘chemistry test’ – credentials presentations may be important for confidence, but if you don’t leave with a clear idea as to how you would work together then maybe they’re not for you.

Ask detailed questions – what form will the creative presentation take? Will it include 3D renders or simply hand sketches? Will you see detailed budget breakdowns at this stage? How do they approach projects? The specifics will be unique to your project but this is the point to ask anything you think is ‘silly.’ You’d be amazed how often ‘silly’ turns out to be ‘pivotal’.

4) Be honest

The best way to ensure you deliver is to move forward with mutual honesty and strong communication. Keep your chosen supplier up to speed on any changes, we’re used to it! And we can often pull things out of the bag that you may not even have thought of.

5) Challenge constructively

It’s sometimes the case that clients may not love an initial design, or for a variety of reasons it may not fit with their brand objectives. This is easy to rectify if the personality fit is right and we are trusted to deliver. Remember, you should choose your supplier based upon the overall relationship and package offered, not simply on the basis of one good design.

We believe that exhibition stand design is a hugely exciting process, follow our handy tips, find the right partner and you should be on the road to stand success in no time.


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