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Smarter exhibition promotion

Planning a major event or exhibition can be stressful and time consuming. From finding an exhibition stand contractor and working with exhibition stand designers, to ensuring that your product is market ready, actively promoting the exhibition can all too easily be left until the last minute.

While it is of course better to design and run a marketing campaign well in advance of the exhibition, there are things that you can do to get people interested, even at the last minute.

Send out an email

A carefully worded email can be sent out to as many or as few people on your contacts list as you wish. For best results, only target customers or prospects you feel would have a genuine interest in attending the event.

To maximise the effectiveness of the email, aim to send it out approximately two weeks before the event. Research suggests that the optimum time for emailing is at lunchtime or just afterwards on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when recipients are more likely to open them, especially if they have a catchy subject title. The email should be short and succinct, providing details of the event only.

Send out postcards

Get invitation postcards printed and send these out to specific clients. Again, ensure that they go only to those who are realistically likely to have an interest in attending the event. Use the opportunity to showcase your products or services with some high quality photographs or logos which match your exhibition stand design. Include a special offer voucher, which can be redeemed at the event itself. If people feel that they can get something extra out of attending, they are usually more motivated to do so.

Use social media

Tweet on Twitter and post on Facebook about the event. It takes just a few minutes each day to remind contacts about an up-coming date. Rather than spamming people’s news feeds however, ensure that your posts are relevant and timely. Keep them short and succinct, remembering to include only details of the event and not other promotions. Try to encourage people to like and share or retweet your messages by keeping them interesting. Again, special offers can be a useful way in which to engage potential clients via social media.

Create a blog

Write a blog about your exhibition plans and journey, from the original exhibition stand design all the way through to which products and services you plan to focus on. This will help you to reach out to clients. Include photographs of your ‘work in progress’ and create a ‘buzz’ around the event by announcing exciting news, such as who else is attending and the event line-up as it is confirmed.

Not only can blogs play an important role in the promotion of up-coming events, but they can be updated afterwards to let people know just how successful the event was. Blogs can also be a great platform from which to mention specific clients and to promote completed and upcoming projects.


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