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Converting Visitors to Customers: Three Essential Exhibition Tips

Beautiful exhibition stand design might lure many visitors, but the challenge is to make them reach for their wallets. How can you convert footfall into profit? Here are three tips to beat the competition.

Connecting Beyond the Venue

Exhibitions are designed to be a taster of your brand and products. A customer entering a trade event might be overwhelmed at the array of stands vying for their attention; and by the time they reach your display, your name might as well be a blur.

It’s simple to counteract this by working with your exhibition stand designer to integrate your branding and social media. Make your Twitter and Facebook accounts front and centre of your promotional material, and part of your stand’s overall look.

Find tempting ways to give this information out, so that even a casual browser is directed to find out more. For example; fun merchandising or pretty pamphlets can be a great way of capitalising on heavy footfall.

You might even go one step further by providing the potential customer with discounts or promotional offers when they are redirected to your brand’s social media. Ensuring that the visitor feels able to connect with your brand is key in setting up potential sales.

Interactive Experiences

As any good exhibition stand contractor knows, great design goes beyond the eye. In today’s competitive events world, true success comes from creating immersive experiences.

While you may be limited in space and time, there are still many ways to draw visitors in – and get them to explore your stand. Custom exhibition stand designers will be able to do this with your product in mind.

For example, providing testers of your product, installing smart displays, and using music and sounds to attract attention. The closer your visitors feel to your brand and product, the more likely they are to find the use it has for them.

Personal Service

One thing that you might not expect from exhibition stand design is a personal touch. Given the competitive nature of the events scene, exhibitors must work extra hard to engage their visitors. This can start on a design level: a good stand contractor will build a space that allows the exhibitor to manoeuvre within it, reaching as many visitors as possible.

A light, bright space feels less oppressive and enables the visitor to browse at their leisure. Smaller touches such as mirrors and soft lighting create a more comfortable space, so that your stand becomes a haven rather than a hell.

Personal service is always critical to ensuring your exhibition stand is successful. Knowledgeable and friendly staff will always be preferable to someone who knows it all, but can’t raise a smile.

Introducing yourself by your first name and welcoming guests personally will ensure they feel valued and able to revisit your stand. Basic as this may be, in the frenzied world of exhibitions, it’s the small touches that create sales and keep customers loyal to a brand.


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