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Things to Consider When Exhibiting

Attracting visitors to your stand at an exhibition is only the first hurdle – converting visitors into customers is another story altogether. So how can you enhance the customer experience when exhibiting?

Research suggests that stand location can affect how any people visit your stand, the way they interact and even the number of leads generated. Regardless of how eye-catching and attractive your stand is, if it’s in a ‘dead’ area, it will be seen by fewer people. If you are preparing to exhibit, start the planning process well in advance and book early to secure a good position. The central aisles receive the highest footfall, so try to get a space in this area. If these have all gone, liaise regularly with event organisers so you are the first to know should there be a cancellation.

Exhibition Stand Design
Stand appearance is nearly always what people remember, even if you have spent time talking to them. Having spent a day or even several days touring the exhibition, attendees can very quickly forget who was who. An impressive exhibition stand design will ensure your company sticks in their mind over others. Think about employing a professional stand design company to give your stand a quirky twist.

It’s not the size of the space you have available, but the way you utilise it. Ensuring your stand is professionally designed, with a clear objective, will make a huge difference to the way your stand is received, regardless of its size.

Make sure you come up with novel ideas for branded giveaways – preferably something that links to your company in some way. Giveaways should be things which can be used every day or kept on their desks at work – something attendees will happily seek out your stand for, even from the other side of the exhibition hall.

The last decade has seen huge advances in the way we are able to communicate with clients and potential customers. Websites, email, online forums and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer a fantastic opportunity to promote both your business and your presence at exhibitions. If you have spent the weeks preceding a large exhibition letting people know you will be there, they are more likely to make the effort to seek you out when the time comes.

Lead Logging
Over the course of an exhibition, it is likely you will be talking to tens or even hundreds of people. Although you may feel confident in your ability to remember each person and what they said, it is very unlikely that you will do so with any accuracy. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you log each conversation, no matter how trivial it may have been. Note the name of the company, the name and contact details of the representative you spoke to and a few details about what was discussed. It works really well to have iPads or other tablets on hand specifically for this purpose. In addition, it can be useful to have an iPad available for stand visitors to record their own contact details and comments. This is good for those visitors who have limited time and would prefer to talk after the event.


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