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Making an Impact at Your Next Business Exhibition

When you exhibit at a trade show, conference or exhibition, you need to ensure your pitch will have the right impact and fulfil its stated objectives of maximising footfall to your stand and gaining plenty of sign-ups or leads.

It’s vital to have on-brand, high-impact and professional exhibition kit to really display your offer to its full potential. The backbone of this visual layout is likely to be your exhibition stand, or stands if your pitch is sizeable and your offers varied. There are options available from single-panel pull-up stands for small spaces and edges to larger six- or eight-panel pop-up stands with lighting and frames. These are printed with branded graphics that will typically include the logo, key messages and marketing imagery. An exhibition stand is sometimes offered as a service by the printers themselves, but otherwise you can commission a graphic designer or design agency to produce the work for you.

Interactive Displays
There are increasingly more innovative and high-tech versions of display solutions now available. For example, some exhibition stand design now uses cut-out foamex graphics for a customised finish – often presented as the image of a person, which can catch visitors’ eyes and cause them to look again. Others will incorporate display screens or interactive elements, such as touchscreens or animation. Of course, cost varies according to the technical requirement of the job. A single-panel pull-up stand is quick and easy and low cost. A large multi-panel pop-up will require more work and kit, including cabling and lighting, and will be proportionally more expensive, depending on the degree of customisation required. However, larger stands can be cost-effective when they allow for ‘re-skinning’ of existing artwork on to frames for businesses whose campaigns and marketing messages change regularly.

Shell Schemes
If you really want to have an impactful display, then you can also commission a bespoke shell scheme, with lighting, integrated technology such as screens and animation and furniture such as chairs, tables and touchscreens for self-service. An exhibition provider can work with you to establish the spec and produce something to the size and specification you need – with truly awe-inspiring, visually arresting possibilities from modern shell scheme packages. You’ll simply provide your requirements and the project will be managed end to end before delivery and installation at your event.

Designing Successful Graphics
The key to successful exhibition stand design lies in having clear graphics that are on-brand and succinct, powerful messaging with a clear call to action if your stand isn’t going to be manned. Make sure copy and graphics are presented with adequate contrast so that messaging can be seen from a distant. Remember that it is the message of the stand that is key, so focus on this rather than design elements and accompanying graphics. From a design perspective, simplicity is usually best so that the reader isn’t distracted by competing elements and can focus instead on the core message and call to action. If the stand will be used across different situations and events, then a generic option can be useful and then more on-target materials can be provided with an accompanying stand display and pitch host.


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