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The Importance of Remaining True to Your Brand

Most businesses spend years properly cultivating a true brand identity. Although the majority of brand concepts are born through countless hours of brain-storming sessions and the furious exchange of ideas, it could also be said that a true corporate identity does not fully take shape until it has had the chance to grow organically. Although it can take a considerable amount of time to cultivate a distinct brand image, it need only take a few seconds to destroy that image completely.

Exhibiting at a trade fair requires you to take your company and its carefully cultivated brand image out into a physical environment. After bringing your brand to life online or on printed literature, it is now necessary to replicate it all in the real world, face to face with both existing and potential new clients. The future performance of your business could well depend on how successful you are in replicating your brand in a live situation.

Consistent Exhibition Stand Design

The importance of an exhibition stand design which accurately reflects your company brand and trading philosophies should not be underestimated. Your stand may well be the most aesthetically striking in the entire exhibition hall. However, if it doesn’t truly correlate with your particular brand, then it can lead to the first seeds of doubt being planted in the minds of potential customers. After all, if your business is seen to be suffering from a bit of an identity crisis, visitors to your stand could interpret this as a sign of laxity and may well ponder what other potential weaknesses exist behind the scenes.

At the very least, an exhibition stand should accurately portray the basics of brand identity and corporate imaging: these are the company logo, corporate colours, fonts and relevant images. However, the very best stands also manage to convey a sense of emotion and evoke a feeling amongst visitors. Making that all-important emotional connection could mean the difference between a successful exhibition and one that is perceived as being a failure.

The Addition of the Human Touch

Ensuring you have an effectively designed exhibition stand is just one part of the puzzle that needs to be solved. Having the right people working on that stand is equally as important. It is often said that the lasting image that someone has of a particular brand is created by the person that they deal with. The people that staff your stand should possess certain qualities which accurately reflect the brand image you are trying to purvey. Professionalism, confidence and charisma are great personal assets to possess. If the people on your stand happen to have these in abundance, then you may well be on to a winner.

By staying true to your company brand, you are conveying both a sense of confidence in that brand and promoting all-important consistency. Hopefully, that confidence will then transfer to the people in attendance and simply reaffirm the positive image they already have of your company.


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